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Can't hook routher to my cable modem

By zazufl8 ·
My daughter has a laptop and it was hooked up to my computer with a lynk sys router. I had to move my computer and modem to another room Now when we try to rehook it up it doesn't work. Called up Lynk Sys and they are all from other countried and can't understand a word they say. Router used to have four bars of signal indicter then it had just one. Help damsell in distress.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't hook routher to my ...

Well the model of the router would be of some help.

Are we dealing with a wired or wireless router?

How is it hooked up straight to the modem or from a different LAN port in your computer?

Generally the number of lights showing on any router go something like this one by itself for power and then any that have active wired connections plugged into them so if you have a 4 port router with all 4 ports used all the lights would be lit. but if you only have one connected then that one will be lit.

What else may have happened is that there is a recessed key on the back of the router that resets the thing to the factory defaults now if this was pushed the router will have to be accessed again and setup so it allows connections through it.

However the most likely thing that has happened is that if you are feeding the router from your computer the lead into the router from your computer has been plugged into the wrong connection it should be on the input plug and not one of the numbed LAN connections if it is a wired router actually the same applies to wireless routers as well because they generally have both sockets for wired LAN connections as well as the Wireless antenna for Wireless connections. The cable from your computer should be plugged into the input, up-link socket and your daughters computer should have a lead plugged into one of the other connections.


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by zazufl8 In reply to Can't hook routher to my ...

It is a wired router model number WRT 54G Lynsys. I am confused as to what port to hook it into. SHe did have four signals before this problem. Thanks once again. i don't have the money to hire anyone to fix this for me so I appreciate your help.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Can't hook routher to my ...

How you set up the system can vary with the model of router and modem. Most routers have a port that is listed as an uplink port and some modems require that they be connected to the router by this port; others require that the modem just plugs into any port on the router EXCEPT the uplink - you need to check you modem and router manuals for which you should be using.

Another common problem that I have seen is that people get the patch cables mixed up. In some cases this is not a problem in other it is. Most patch cables are straight through cables and some are crossover cables - you can tell the difference by holding the ends up side by side and looking in the plastic plug and the colour of the leads - straight through cables have the wires in the same positions for both ends, cross overs don't. If your system required a cross over cable for the up link and you have plug a straight through in it won't work in most cases (depends on the autosensing capability)- and vica versa. When doing this check have the plugs orientated in exactly the same way.

One trick I often use is to turn everything else on before I turn the router on - some routers find it easier to find things this way.

The next thing to check is the router set up configuration, it may have defaulted to factory settings and need to be reset to yours.

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