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can't hookup wireless to network

By pchlp ·
I have a laptop that I would like to connect to the rest of the computer in the office network.
It is a peer to peer with the workgroup name"workgroup".
I hooked a wireless linksys router to a empty port on the Gateway router and the laptop gets a wireless signal and connect to the internet but I cannot get the laptop on to the Workgroup.
Says that permission is denied, contact the system administrator.
There is no special security on this network.
I did encrpyt the wireless network but it did not connect when there was not encrysion setup either.
The laptop has XP.
ANy ideas?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to can't hookup wireless to ...

Well firstly the problem is most likely in the router setup. Have you setup the router correctly with a wired Computer? But most likely it is a connection issue with your LT and the drivers that are installed in the basic Windows installation.

Do you have permission to use a wireless router at work as well? If these are not configured properly they will allow access to the Internet but not the network and then if some stranger finds the hot-spot that your wireless router is putting out and downloads some Kiddy porn of bomb making material you will have some very hard questions to answer. Which because you do not know the answers you can not answer.

But firstly open the control pannel and click on the Windows components and install all the networking drivers and file sharing protocols as well and some of the other un installed things in XP. If you have SP2 installed un-install it unless you have an OEM version of XP with SP2 on it in which case you up against it from the start anyway. Next open My Network Places and see if your LT sees itself, if that isn't happening there are problems with the LT as it should at the very least see the Shared Files Folder but because of poor setup or conflicting programs many do not see.

Once your LT sees itself you can then start to work on the wireless connection but as you say you can get an Internet connection already the wireless is working properly but your LT isn't being recognized by the system for some reason.

Or depending on exactly where you have placed the router all of the computers might be behind it so they will be invisible to you're LT this is what routers are supposed to do. The router should be placed between the Internet connection and network for you to see the rest of the network and the router should be feeding the network as well or you will see nothing at all on the network.

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by markmathson In reply to can't hookup wireless to ...

Try resetting your wired router and resetting the wireless one too. Then try changing the peer to peer network to a different name other than 'Workgroup'.

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by pchlp In reply to

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Ok I got it going. I used it as a switch with no direct connection to the wan plug on the router.
I put in a static IP from the other router.
I then disable DHCP on the Linksys router. setup a wireless name, enabled encryption and hit apply and logged out.
One of the problems with not seeing the network is it had good old Norton Internet Security on it. I disabled the firewall and bingo, bango everything works.
Thanks for your interest.

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by pchlp In reply to can't hookup wireless to ...

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