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Can"t Install Active Dir

By spm9928 ·
I have an evaluation copy of Window Server 2000. When I try to install the active directory and follow the wizard I get an error message that the network can't be found. Given that I am using a stand alone pc for training purposes, shouldn't I still be able to install it. I have tried both after configuring the DNS and starting from scrathc with the same reuslts. PLEASE HELP

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by razz2 In reply to Can"t Install Active Dir

It would help to know a bit about the setup, but here is a great
URL for help:

Here are some of the basic question choices you should be

What are the answers you are giving in the wizard?

Are you choosing a "Domain Controller for a new Domain"?

Are you choosing a "New Domain Tree"?

Are you choosing to "create a New Forest"?

What is the DNS name?

I would guess that you might be choosing one incorrectly, but
give us some info and we will figure it out.

Good Luck,


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by easyb1672 In reply to Can"t Install Active Dir

It install Active Directory , There are 3 conditions,

You have to have NIC connected to other pc and it must be ON.

you should have DNS if not it will prompt you

Necessary Hardware to support installing ADS

Ok if you dont have any connection with any pc and still you want to install the ADS , you have to have loop back networking enabled or compatible software to support loopback networking ,

all the best.

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by willcomp In reply to Can"t Install Active Dir

Easyb1672 has it correct.

Simplest and best option is to connect to another PC using a crossover cable.

You can also connect to internet using a broadband connection. AD setup will see that as a network (which it is and the largest one at that).

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can"t Install Active Dir

...and remember to use static address(es) and to specify the servers own ip address as its dns server...

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by 5jgibbs In reply to Can"t Install Active Dir

The first thing I do when I set up a server that?s going to have active directory is assign the NIC a static IP address, that alone is the most important part of a successful server. Next, I usually set up my DNS first, this just makes the active directory installation much smoother. YOU DON?T NEED TO SET UP THE DNS FIRST, but that?s just the way I do it. You can always let the active directory installation prompt you to do so. I also recommend using a router or some sort of switch when connecting the computers to a network, P2P via crossover works, but it?s not the best idea when trying to set up active directory or a DNS for that matter.

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