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Can't Install Anything on XP!please help

By fightin_champ ·
I have recently upgraded my 98 pc to XP and had many problems but i sovled them all by buyin new parts and etc, when i thought it was all fixed i found out that i cant install anything!

This is because i have problems with installshield, when installing it either says 'Error 1606. could not access network location <comon administrative tools>. allusers\.' or it says ' Error 1607. could not install installshield scriping runtime' and i just dont have a clue how to fix it.

i thought it mayhave been because of an error that occurred whilst i was installing XP. I cant remember exactly but the problem very near the end and something about a file not being able to be replaced or deleted or something. I installed xp many times and never had this problem before on my pc but this time i did so i installed it again and again but still same problem.

please help if you think you could help me as at the moment i cant install anything, thank you very much!

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by house In reply to Can't Install Anything on ...

You will notice a mariad of issues in upgrading a 98 machine to XP, thus I have never elected to do this myself. The only advice I can give you is to go through with a fresh install, rather than an upgrade. Backup your vital data, clean the machine, and do a completely fresh installation of XP. Restore your data to the appropriate locations.

It might sound like an extreme resolution to your problem, but I'm sure everyone else will agree that an upgrade from a DOS based OS to an NT will only cause problems.

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by Jaqui In reply to Can't Install Anything on ...

house is correct in it causing problems.

it cost a hard drive.
( at least if you were booting windows )

I was able to use the drive in linux, but had to completely rebuild the system.
( my wife's computer )
the bios lost the drive on her system, and it was the upgrade from 98 to xp pro that did it.

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by senftk In reply to Can't Install Anything on ...

This is common when upgrading from win98 to XP. Here is the suggested resolution from microsoft:

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by Poettone In reply to Can't Install Anything on ...

I agree with the others in the fact that you will face issues sometimes none, sometimes a lot when you do what you have done..

But I disgree with house in his comment about dos to an NT.. Actually every OS still uses DOS, there is no NT ONLY OS.

The issue is with the compatiblity between the versions of DOS and the code that the older programs were built upon..

With XP you always have the option of running most program in "compatibility mode" for these programs coded in previous versions of DOS.. Now granted there is a less than 50/50 success rate in doing this as there are more issues between each piece of software for each case..

I really don't have an solid answer for you however as this is about your question.

You may wish to visit this site to resolve you issue, or at least attempt to..;en-us;290301

Good Luck..:)

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