Can't install DVD-RW

By techrepublic ·
This post follows many hours of trying to research and read, including my several books on Ubuntu (running 5.04), pouring over log files, etc. I have installed a DVD-RW as a slave behind a CD-ROM as master with the cable end on the CD and the second connector on the DVD. Computer has been rebooted. The CDROM shows up in the Device Manager, but no DVD.

Device Manager also shows a floppy which this computer does not have-so is DM pointing to a 'bus' or something on the motherboard?

There must be a way that all devices can be located. Will the location of any device be shown in dmesg? If so, how does one look through the several hundred lines quickly? In Windoze, one uses CTRL-F. Is there an equivalent in vi, or should one pipe dmseg to a text file, mail it to a Windoze computer and use CTRL-F?

I am sure that this could not be as difficult as I am finding it. If anyone can help me better understand this process, I would be most grateful. TIA

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Check BIOS Setup

by TheChas In reply to Can't install DVD-RW

When drives are either missing, or do not exist, the first thing to check is the drive settings in device manager.

Since you have no physical floppy drive, I recommend that you first enter Device Manager and remove the floppy drive and the floppy drive controller.

Close Device Manager, and boot the computer.

Press the key to enter BIOS setup.

In standard CMOS settings, make sure that the floppy drive setting is none, and that the setting for the IDE channel the DVD drive is connected to is either set to Auto Detect, or shows the DVD drive.

Next, go to the page that list peripheral devices.
Disable the on-board floppy controller. The reason for this, is to free up resources for other uses.

Save and Exit Setup.


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Will pursue this possibility

by techrepublic In reply to Check BIOS Setup

Chas, Thanks for yours. I had not even considered that it might be a BIOS/hardware issue. When I get to the office today, will try that and report back here.

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