Can't Install Files to XP Boot Sector

By booler ·
XP has a quirk where it will not allow some programs from installing into XP. The programs, such as Virus detectors, Zone Alarm, PC Cameras, etc don't install but Taxcut and other programs will properly install into XP.

I believe that I had "blocked" any writes to the "boot sector" but can't rememver where that switch is located to be able to unlock the boot sector.

Thanks for any help on this one !

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It will be either in the Firewall Application

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't Install Files to XP ...

OR the AV Product that you are using that is preventing Virus Like Activity from Occurring.

If you are not getting a message that there is some Virus Like Activity Occurring it's the Firewall application or you have a crumby AV Product.


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XP will not allow a PC Camera or some NON- infctious programs

by booler In reply to It will be either in the ...

Thanks HAL but the XP pgm seems to be clear of any infections. On the other hand I have changed the drive from a 40gb to an 80gb just recently. It seems to me that I read somewhere that a boot sector LOCK can occur when a drive is re-installed using "drive image" software. I haven't a clue to remembering what I did to lock the book sector files on this laptop, though I remember doing so at one time or another.
Also, I haven't seen or have been able to find a cause and effect dissertation on the "drive image" question.
Too, there's just to many time lags between doing this or that to the PC and remembering what changes were made to the OS.. Dang!! :-(

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Well that bit of Information was really Important

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP will not allow a PC Ca ...

What Drive Cloning Software did you use?

And more Importantly how did you make the clone? Was it just a straight copy to fill the existing space on the new drive or did you do something else?


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Acronis True Image Ver. 9.? Used to Create Image

by booler In reply to Well that bit of Informat ...

Hi Col,
I used "Acronis TrueImage" Ver 9.? to create an ISO file from a working 40gb to transfer to a new 80gb drive that I installed to a laptop as a drive capacity increase, upgrade.

The 40gb laptop drive is snow installed into a "Thecus" N-1050 drive case and it is working just great.

And because I had read somewhere that when a new drive is loaded with an ISO image it can create some boot sector problems , whatever they are supposed to be.

Having wondered about the potential sector problems I checked with Acronis and went through their Forum to see if there were any similar problems noted in the Acronis Forum about this pgm loading issue occuring when using TrueImage.

What I learned is that Acronis did have an update to my version of the TrueImage pgm. I downloaded the update but couldn't install it to the new 80gb drive where the Image file was transferred to.

TrueImage said that it couldn't uninstall the previous TrueImage pgm, and ended the updated TrueImage install attempt.

Checking with Acronis...I learned that Acronis says to manually uninstall the old TrueImage pgm. Like I'm gonna do that when there is a problem that seems like it will get worse if I don't find out WHY I can't write pgms to the boot sector on this drive I'm having a problem with.

Having read the TrueImage "manual" uninstall procedure, I got to a point where I Can see a weeks work or so, to try to get this drive operating properly.

Also, I found a ZOneAlarm remnant in the MSCONFIG "START" folder after I had uninstalled ZONE ALARM a few weeks ago.

I unchecked the box for the uninstalled ZoneAlarm pgm and had a registry change take place because of unchecking the box next to the ZoneAlarm remnant. Of course the change didn't solve anything :-(

Thanks again for the assist.


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Adminstrator Seems to b a Problem

by booler In reply to It will be either in the ...

Hi All,

Here is something that is terribly confusing to me.

The following is a sequence to follow to get to the "RUN" registry entry and its "administrative" permissions. But! what to do with changing the "admin" rights ?

It seems like the following IS THE ONLY full administrator on this PC:
The "Owner" administrator hasn't got the same authority as the "Administrators" .... I'm thinking.
All this seems to tie in with the 1420 "RUN" error message, too.
Regedit ---- Edit --- Permissions --- (permissions include the RUN permissions) --- Advanced --- Owner ----

The tab says that the following is the OWNER "Administrators(LIFEBOOK\Administrators)"

The above is followed by the same "text" as shown and that text is followed by this phrase "OWNER(LifeBook\owner).

I'm now wondering if OWNER has "all" of the administrator's rights that are equal to the FIRST "Aministratiors (Lifebook\Administrator".

I'm thinking that OWNER does NOT have the FULL Administrator's rights, though the logon says that "OWNER" has administrator rights.

Seems like I ran into this once before where "ALL" ADMINISTRATORS do not have equal administrator rights.

Hmmmm! anyhow its something to think about "seriously" too.

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Sent in error

by booler In reply to It will be either in the ...

Duplicate "ignore" this.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Can't Install Files to XP ...

Go to System Properties, Advanced performance settings, Data Execution Prevention. You will have 2 radio buttons. Is the second button selected? If it is select the first button.

Might help


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Data Execution was the right place , as I recall

by booler In reply to Buttons

Thanks Rob,
The path to the "Data Execution Prevention" is where I recall that I has setup the radial buttons to alter the default setting.

It didn't fix ALL the issues. Now I have this "run" error message.


Just loaded MS-MONEY without any difficulty but can't load WINPATROL without obtaining an error message.

Thanks again for the lead to the "Data Exectuion Tab"


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BIOS or Anti-Malware

by willcomp In reply to Can't Install Files to XP ...

Windows has no setting to block boot sector writes that I'm aware of, but some BIOSes do as well as anti-malware software.

Check BIOS (virus protection) and any Anti-Spyware applications.

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Boot Sector Block

by booler In reply to BIOS or Anti-Malware

Hi Wilcomp,

I have to take a look at the BIOS too, because I am almost a hundred percent certain that I did "lock" the boot sector somehow. I went through ZoneAlarm, Spybot, Windows Firewall, etc. TrendMicro "houscall" didn't pick anything up either. AVG "Spyware" check was clean as was "MS-Defender too.

But! that BIOS check needs to be made. I will try that one too. Thanks for the tip :-)

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