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can't install it the given updates are useless

By amj2010 ·
we tried to install this darn thing but instead it gives a website where the supposed updates were available, none of them were applicable, so what now?
we played a little with platform 5, nice but we installed successfully without updates needed Firefox beta which comes very near the IE9 beat.

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RE: can't install it the given updates are useless

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to can't install it the give ...

OK I'll bite you can not install what?

What Web Site are you referring to here?

If you are referring to the Beta of IE9 you need to have either Vista or 7 as the running OS you Can Not download the IE9 Beta with XP.

Also as I haven't looked recently M$ may have removed the Beta as they have enough Beta testers for the time being.


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using w7ult64bits

by amj2010 In reply to RE: can't install it the ...

when we tried to install the darn thing we got a website with updates on it, the ones which we could use gave only the error the they were not applicable to my IE8.

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If you follow

by IC-IT In reply to using w7ult64bits

Purple Sky's link you have the download for 64bit right there.

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again and again

by amj2010 In reply to If you follow

the given ms updates for my IE8 in order to install IE9 beta are useless, after we tried to install IE9 beta. the link you're talking about gives only the download, which we have many times already, so what next? we have installed platform 5, but we observed that the pin section at the right won't work in that platform... maybe that's a clue or just plain ms..
tell us

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Much more likely though

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to again and again

Is that as this is a Beta you have something installed that it doesn't like.

You should maybe report this to M$ along with your Hardware configuration and full software load.


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what is "platform 5", and what does it have to do with anything?

by seanferd In reply to again and again

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