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cant install linux on win2000 pro.

By aderemisote ·
i tried installing linux 7.0 on my laptop with win2000 pro NTFS file sys, but got a blue screen similar to a windows crash. help anybody i need to get this installed and running in 2days.

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Linux NTFS support is weak

by stress junkie In reply to cant install linux on win ...

For all practical purposes Linux does not support NTFS.
When you read about this you find that if you use the
Linux NTFS driver and actually write to the NTFS
partition you are advised to run file system repair and
hope for the best. In other words, don't do it. Since the
NTFS partition is the boot partition and you want to
boot Linux from this same partition I'd say it's
extremely inadvisable to even try.

Here is a link to an excellent tutorial on installing Linux
in a dual boot environment. The tutorial focuses on
variants of open source operating systems, but I can
tell you from experience that it all applies to dual boot
with Windows and Linux. This article consistently
recommends a different partition for each operating
system. Of course that's required with two separate
*nix operating system. My own dual boot, which I'm
using to write this, is W2K and SuSE Linux. My
experience is that you don't want the Windows
operating system to even see the Linux partitions. It
just doesn't like them. All of my Windows partitions are
on one disk and all of my Linux partitions are on a
separate disk. I mount FAT32 partitions under Linux
and read/write to them from Linux all of the time.

Read this article.

If you HAVE to use one disk then put Windows on first
in the first partition, then install Linux in a different
partition and the Linux swap partition in another
partition. The Linux GRUB bootloader will successfully
integrate the Linux boot into the disk's Master Boot

If your Windows boot partition already occupies the
entire disk then either add a second disk or repartition
the current disk.

You may be able to recover your current Windows
installation by running the installation CDs and
selecting the repair option. All you probably need to do
is to recover the Master Boot Record unless the Linux
setup corrupted your NTFS file system.

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Dual-boot systems...

by blarman In reply to cant install linux on win ...

...require multiple partitions. Like the previous post, I STRONGLY advise against trying to install Linux to access NTFS. I have a Windows XP system at home which dual-boots with Red Hat 9. I installed XP first, then created a second partition for my games, documents, etc. and formatted using FAT32. Then I installed Red Hat 9. Red Hat can get to the FAT32 stuff just fine - I don't even try to access the NTFS stuff.

If you need Linux and Windows to write to the same partition, use FAT32. No, it's not as secure as NTFS or a journalling file system, but noone ever said Windows plays nicely with others.

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