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Can't install OS on Via motherboard

By sacosta ·
have Via PBP400 motherboard/PC3200 -512mb ram and radeon sapphire 9200se graphics system(new)
Havn't been able to install Windows 98se/ME or XP
get errors every time no "ndis"(no lan support)with 98/ no" ntdl" to install ME or XP error message cannot copy specific drivers correctly have used all discs before in previous IBM computer no problem. Have reformatted fdisk and wiped hard drive 30gig and new 40 gig same errors. Only Windows 98 has installed but can only boot up under step by step confirmation. tried upgrading same error messages Help please if you have had this problem before.

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by fred07 In reply to Can't install OS on Via m ...


fdisk MBR

Drop to 256 RAM

Install 98se

Install MB drivers

Known 511+RAM problem with 98 and ME


Reset RAM, and all cards in slots

A lose RAM or card will cause the problems you are describing


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by sacosta In reply to

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by wcp In reply to Can't install OS on Via m ...

For Windows 98SE:
You did not mention your CPU, but judging from your motherboard and RAM, I assume it is P4 (or Celeron) 2.1GHz or faster. There is a flaw in earlier version of Windows 98SE and you cannot install Windows 98SE with a fast CPU (P4 2.1GHz or faster).
Please refer to MS KB article 312108.

The remedy is to replace NDIS.VXD file with a later version (Nov 28, 2001 or later).
Either you have to go to Microsoft help site or copy the file from another Windows 98SE computer. I had tried an earlier version of the file (I think it was Sept 8, 2001) and it had worked.

For Windows ME:
I think the safest way to install Windows ME is to FDISK, create a partition, format (Format C:/s), and install Windows from your CD-ROM (D:setup). D is the CD-ROM drive.

For Windows XP:
Boot from CD-ROM and install Windows XP. The error message saying that a file(s) could not be copied is due to faulty RAM(s). Either you have to replace the RAM or make sure the RAM (PC3200 or DDR400) match your CPU and motherboard (MB) front side bus (FSB). For example, if your CPU is P4 2.66MHz, then you set the MB FSB and CPU clock speed as 133MHz. You may have to clock down your RAM to DDR333 or even DDR266. The best way, in this example, is to replace your RAM with PC2100 (or DDR266).

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by wcp In reply to

For Windows XP, I meant your RAM may not be a defect one but may be incompatible with your MB and CPU speed.

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by wcp In reply to

For Windows 98SE, the NDIS problem occurs on CPU 2.2GHz (not 2.1GHz)or faster.

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by sacosta In reply to

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This soved my problem in XP, your answer hit the nail on the head, I am now up and running. Thank you very much.

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by sacosta In reply to Can't install OS on Via m ...

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