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Cant install patch for blaster.worm

By melissa ·
Please help!!

I am trying ti patch all of my computers and three of them that are running windows 2000 will not install. Everytime I double click the patch it acts like its going to install and just disapears! These three computers are open and I dont know how to get the patch installed....


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by dmiles In reply to Cant install patch for bl ...

Disconnect the computers from the network,search for blaster files on the hard drive,if any delete all files associated with blaster,now go back to network and try downloading the patch.
This should apply also for modem connection

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by melissa In reply to

These computers dont have the virus yet...I am trying to prevent that from happening bu installing the patch. But it will not install??

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by Andrew Cooke In reply to Cant install patch for bl ...

Make sure SP4 is installed first

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cant install patch for bl ...

it's not because your are not logged in with enuf rights is it? don't shoot me. sorry, i don't know this one. i have been cruising the web and newsgroups about this worm and haven't seen other posts like yours...
i would email microsoft about this. that is the patch you are talking about, right?
you might find some comfort in reading up on this worm. it is very well documented how it works. start with
it has link to ms article where you will find ways to manually implement the 'fix'.
don't panic. even patched machines are crashing with this, so even if you got 'em patched... you need to understand how this worm works to be protected...

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by Don Christner In reply to Cant install patch for bl ...

Instead of clicking on the link to install the update, try RIGHT-clicking the link and choose Save-As. Save the update to your harddrive then run the file from your harddrive instead of online. Make sure you have the proper rights to install the update and disable any anti-virus and other software before you run the update.


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by WCMedows In reply to Cant install patch for bl ...

Additionally, before installing the patch, go to the MMC, (Right click on My Computer then click Manage) In the MMC, go down to the bottom left item and look for Services (Expand the last option and find the item there called services). Look up the service "Remote Procedure Call" Double click on this (Make sure to not open the Locator service, just the RPC) Click on the Recovery tab and then set all the event errors to "restart the service" not "Reboot the computer".

Try using the free online virus scans after this, you won't be kicked off the network anymore. Suggest Mcafee, Network Associates, Norton. Once you have run the free web scans, and get a clean bill of health from more than one, then try installing the patch.

Last step is to go to Windows Update and get all your security fixes in place.

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by melissa In reply to Cant install patch for bl ...

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