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    Can’t Install Printer via Remote Desktop


    by joe.fusco ·

    I am having no success in installing a local printer for use with remote desktop. I have a user with an HP LJ1160 running Win XP. She is connecting to a Win 2003 SBS system via Remote Desktop. The “Printers” option is checked under local resources.

    I have a set of instructions that says to sign on and install the printer as a local printer using the ports named TS00x. After the port name, the name of the connected computer (i.e. MyLaptop) is supposed to be in parentheses. For about half of the remote systems I am trying to set up, “inactive TS port” is listed for all TS ports. How do I get them to recognize that a computer is connected and activate those ports for printer redirection?

    I have checked the event viewer and there is nothing indicating any attempt to redirect a printer.

    Joe Fusco

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