Can't install Symantec Antivirus over Lenovo XP pre-built Norton AV

By StopGlobalWhining ·
I received a Thinkpad T61 from Lenovo with Vista pre-installed. I then downgraded it to Windows XP Pro using CDs I requested from Lenovo. So far so good.

But they have a trial version of Norton AV on it, and our university has a site license for Symantec AV Corporate edition.

But I can neither cleanly uninstall their pre-installed version nor install Corporate edition. I get an error 9999,17x, and on trying to install the Corporate version error 1920.

Now the Symantec Live Update is partially installed and shows a yellow circle with an exclamation point on it's icon indicating that something is wrong. Anyone run into this?

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Not so far, ...but -

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't install Symantec An ...

Can you explain just how the 'downgrade' works ?

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Downgrade Vista to XP

by StopGlobalWhining In reply to Not so far, ...but -

I had to call Lenovo and request this option. They sent me 8 CD's including one bootable, and I'm guessing that I was restoring a previously built full backup for my specific configuration.

The Lenovo person told me they built these CDs based on the specs that went with my model and serial number. It took about 2 or 3 hours to feed in the CDs and do the restore. After a half dozen requited reboots I had an XP system that included a bunch of OEM trial software with it.

They also cost $51 USD.

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Jeez !! I didn't know you had to pay for it !!! . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Downgrade Vista to XP

When you think about it: you are in effect negating a valid Vista installation that has already been paid for. Yet you have to pay in order to throw it away!

Maybe the Beast of Redmond invented Vista as a way of ammassing more income when people found themselves stuck with it.

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Uninstall tool

by IC-IT In reply to Can't install Symantec An ...

If you have been using an admin account and failed; then try their uninstall tool. This link will guide you through your version.

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Norton Removal Tool

by StopGlobalWhining In reply to Uninstall tool

Hello, thanks for your reply. When I run this tool it tells me it will uninstall all versions of all Norton/Symantec programs, but immediately upon opening up it says it found Symantec AV 9 or later on the system and this must be removed through "Add/Remove Programs" before proceeding.

But when I try to remove it with Add/Remove programs from the control panel, it fails.

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More to try

by IC-IT In reply to Norton Removal Tool
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The easiest way I know

by Tig2 In reply to Can't install Symantec An ...

Uninstall the pre-installed. Uninstall the Corporate. Run CCleaner recursively. When no more errors are presented, run your Corporate install.

CCleaner is an easy to use registry cleaner. You can download a full install at I've used it for years and find that it does the job.

Good Luck!

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