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    can’t install the driver


    by jatt_in_mood01 ·

    i lost my floppy disk for my cd-burne and is there any way i can still install that software
    please help meeee.

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      can’t install the driver

      by carquiza ·

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      If you still have an internet connection you can always go to the CD-Rom Burn product that you have and download the latest driver. If you cannot connect to the internet. You need to write to them to request for a new driver or you can alway go back to the store where you buy your computer and request for it. If still in gurantee coverage maybe you don’t have to pay for it.
      Hope this help you a bit.


      Mel Arquiza
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      can’t install the driver

      by thechas ·

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      The floppy disk with a CD-RW drive is usually one of 2 things;

      1. The DOS mode driver for read only access in DOS. If so, you only need it if you need to read disks from the drive in true DOS mode.

      2. An update for the CD writer program that was on the CD that should have been packaged with the drive. If so, you can usually download the updates from the software mfg web site, or the drive mfg web site.

      CD drives in general, do not need drivers, except for DOS mode access.

      If your CD-RW drive did not come with a CD, you need to either use the built-in recorder in XP, or purchase a software package such as Cakewalk Pyro, Roxio Easy CD Creator, or Nero.

      I have seen the older version of Easy CD Creator on the web for under $10.


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      can’t install the driver

      by oaojr ·

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      I recently upgraded my computer and had the same problem. Although windows detecded my r/w, I could not burn a cd. Not only must you have drivers you must also have burn software. Go to manufacture site, get drivers and they may have burn s/w to download.
      Without the r/w drivers, windows will detect just as a cd-rom.

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      can’t install the driver

      by jatt_in_mood01 ·

      In reply to can’t install the driver

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