Can't install Ubuntu 9.10 via Wubi...what are the possible reasons?

By ivanog1230-persona ·
Hi! I have a desktop(Philips MT2700 running XP MCE like this>>>,16,philips-mt2700.html) and I attempted to install Ubuntu 9.10 on it by using Wubi. I downloaded Wubi.exe from here>>> to my wubi, insert a password for the new account, and clicked "install". The installation files (700MB) was downloaded and checked, after which I was asked to reboot. I selected Ubuntu at the boot screen.

After that the Ubuntu icon showed up for about 30sec then suddenly disappeared...monitor went into sleep mode and my cpu silent. The installation is supposed to continue still for another 10-15 minutes and the machine will reboot again according to the steps here>>> BUT unfortunately mine did not progressed anymore. I've repeated these steps 5 times...still no joy. Is this hardware or driver problem? My pc uses ATI Radeon video card. What services are needed for the install to be a success? I'm afraid I might have disabled some services in the past in my quest for a faster pc and it could be the reasons for my failed install now. What's preventing my install to succeed? How do I troubleshoot this?

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I have never used wubi but....

by ---TK--- In reply to Can't install Ubuntu 9.10 ...

You can still boot to XP, right? I would try downloading a 9.10 ISO, boot into the live CD/DVD. Which means it will run/load strictly in RAM, and not install on the HDD. This is just a troubleshooting step to see if Ubuntu hangs on a piece of hardware on your system... If it loads fine then its not ubuntu.

Next I would also try and go to add/remove programs, and uninstall it. Do the manual removal then try to reinstall or reinstall with the ISO...

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I to have never used this piece of Code Wubi

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't install Ubuntu 9.10 ...

But from what is stated on the Web Site listed it appears to be some kind of Vitalization to run Ubuntu within Windows.

Apparently you should start the WuBi and disconnect the Internet Connection so that the Wubi doesn't access the Internet to download the Files all over again and then it may proceed. Though from my understanding of what I've read here you should make a CD from the Downloaded Ubuntu Install Files and allow Wubi to load from there.


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