Can't install Windows 2008 on Dell PE 2650

By stein_brian ·
I was looking to wipe out an old Dell PowerEdge 2650 server we had running WIndows 2003 Server on it and install Windows Server 2008 as a test server. Unfortunately this server only had a CD-Rom drive in it and this model does not support booting from an external USB drive. After doing some research I was able to create a WinPE CD boot disk and once that booted, I was able to map a drive to another machine that was sharing the Win2k8 media and launch setup. The problem is once I get to the screen asking where to install Windows it does not find any har drives. If I choose to load drivers and insert a floppy which has the PERC 3/QC drivers on it, it will bring up the drivers, appear as if its loading them, but then go back and still show no hard drives available. Has anybody run into anything like this and perhaps have any suggestions (other than buying a dvd-rom to install in the server)? Thanks!

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Can't install Windows 2008 on Dell PE 2650

by innocomp In reply to Can't install Windows 200 ...

One thing to try Copy your image of Server 2008 to an IDE hard drive and run the install from there.

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so the server doesn't have a CD Drive? and you

by CG IT In reply to Can't install Windows 200 ...

don't have W2008 server media?

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Server only has a Cd drive

by stein_brian In reply to so the server doesn't hav ...

The server only has a cd-rom drive, and Windows 2008 only comes via DVD. However like I said, it seems the bigger issue is the fact during installation it does not detect the hard drives, even after I load the PERC 3/QC drivers. Even after I load the driver from the Dell site it still does not find the hard drives. The only thing I can think of is that the Dell site only gives the driver for Windows 2003, when you choose Windows 2008 OS on the Dell site it only lists firmware for the PERC controller, but not a driver, so not sure if that's an issue. I know the drives work fine because this server currently runs Windows 2003 - I'm hoping to wipe the partition during the Windows 2008 install.

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IDE hard drive suggestion reply

by stein_brian In reply to Server only has a Cd driv ...

With regards to the suggestion of copying the media to an IDE hard drive and running it from there, that is basically what I did when I attempted to use the WinPE environment. I booted the server with the WinPE boot cd, and once i got to the 'X' prompt i mapped a drive to a desktop that had the media loaded in it and launched setup from there. Setup ran but when it got to the part asking where to install Windows, it could not detect any hard drives on the server so I couldn't go any further. As mentioned, I tried loading the PERC 3/QC RAID controller drivers from that screen and even though it seemed to load the drivers, it still could not detect any drives on the server. Thoughts?

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by Savsta In reply to IDE hard drive suggestion ...

Pull a dvd ROM out of a laptop and use that. The connectors work. Cheers, Paul

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I just upgraded mine to 2008...

by bpullin In reply to Can't install Windows 200 ...

I attached an external dvd drive and did an upgrade through server 2003. Worked fine. 2008 is running without issue.

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Dell PE2650 cdrom replacement to DVD...

by dlfisher In reply to I just upgraded mine to 2 ...

I have a few Dell PowerEdge 2650 servers. They all have cdrom drives in them.
I wanted to upgrade their OS to Win2k8 from Win2k3 but my Win2k8 is on a dvd.
I have tons of slim dvd drives so I thought i'd swap out the cdrom drive in the 2650 and put in a dvd so I could do the install.
When I install the new DVD drive the 2650 doesn't recognize it. I also tried other dvd mfgs thinking that possibly the cmos didn't/couldn't recognize the drive. I tried Toshiba, Teac, and Mitsumi and none work.
Does anyone have any suggestions, or even a compatability list? I went to dell support and can't find a compatability guide for the 2650.

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Dell PwerEdge 2650 and Windows 2008 Server

by jdeleo In reply to Can't install Windows 200 ...

We have one that had server 2003. We wiped our drives so we did upgrade. We have a PERC/3DI SCSI raid controller, so we changed our container arrangement. If your BIOS and other controllers are up to date it does recognize a USB DVD. We booted from there, installed on one drive. Volumeized the other 3 drives and the last drive we use for paging(8g SCSI)

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How to install Windows Server 2008 on a Dell Poweredge 2650

by chris6273 In reply to Can't install Windows 200 ...

I know this is an old thread but here is what to do:

Download the Dell CD ISO - Dell Systems Build and Update Utility Here:

Burn that to a CD.

Copy the Windows Server 2008 (NOT R2) Files onto a large USB stick.

Run that CD you burnt and insert the USB into the server.

After you have selected the OS from that CD and have gone through the steps, the server will restart (Remove the CD) and will boot into a utility on the C drive, which will recognise the Windows Server 2008 installation on the USB and will install Windows Server 2008.

I've just done it for the 2nd time and it still works.

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Reponse To Answer

by pfmathieu In reply to How to install Windows Se ...

Thanks for this post it really helped out; everything worked well (although i had to drop down to 6 Gigs of RAM during the install)

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