Can't install Windows XP 64 bit OS

By etodmrz ·
I trying to install Windows XP 64 bit OS on to my Lenovo R500 laptop. I have Intel core 2 P8600 processor (64 bit cpu) and 4 gb of ram. I have a 500 gb harddrive and am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate.

The installation starts as usual loading all of the drivers and files and when the bottom of the screen message says, "starting windows" I get a blue screen error message that says, "check hard drive, run chkdsk /f , if this is first time reboot, check for virii" etc.

The error is 0x0000007B!

What is that and how do I get around it?


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The trick here is you have Windows 7 Loaded

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't install Windows XP ...

XP and 7 have incompatible Partitions well at least when you are going backward.

You need to wipe the HDD and format it with the XP Installer to get it to work.

You can use Boot & Nuke

or Kill Disc v4 for DOS

To wipe the drive. Both are free to use and available at the listed web sites.


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Installation of Win XP 64Bit

by williamsjohns1 In reply to Can't install Windows XP ...

It sounds like you have a bad memory stick, or a problem with driver memory mapping.

See if your BIOS has any options that deal with mapping drivers and I/O addresses above physical memory, and if so, see what toggling that option does for you. Also try toggling any option that talks about resource allocation handling by OS vs. BIOS.

Then try removing your extra memory (suggest the 1G modules) if BIOS tweaking doesn't produce results. Some motherboards just can't deal with having all the DIMMs populated for some reason. I have an MSI board that just won't abide more than two memory sticks of any kind, or it gets all twitchy.

The 64 bit OSes all see your complete memory space, while 32 bit addressing is ignoring half of your system memory. Either some of that new memory has gone bad on you, or your BIOS is making some kind of mistake with assigning driver memory maps.

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One other item you can check is the bios hard drive setting

by markp24 In reply to Can't install Windows XP ...

If after trying Hal9000's suggestion , if it still fails set your hard drive mode to compatible (or IDE)

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Problem with Hard Disk or RAM

by guiderecovery In reply to Can't install Windows XP ...

The blue screen error may refer to Hard Disk or RAM, can you check you hard drive's s.m.a.r.t status ?

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Hard disk error

by yee.simon In reply to Can't install Windows XP ...

Your harddisk is over heated and it is dying.
Please replace new harddisk and redo the installation.

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