Can't install XP on SATA Hard disk with 160gb

By yashwanthpanji ·
i have Intel core 2 duo 2.13 GHz with 1gb Transcend RAM with intel DG965WH mother board with 160 gb SATA hard disk.

First i tried installing vista.. it is working fine. but when i tried to install xp it is saying no hard disk insatlled. I tried to install Linux (Fedora core ).. linux is also not installing.
Please help me. how to install RAID drivers and how to install XP on the SATA Hard disk.
Please help me

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new hardware

by kgr1gr In reply to Can't install XP on SATA ...

You must have a CD with the motheboard drivers ,boot with this cd and follow the instructions how to extract to a Floopy disk the drivers of the Raid controler ,then boot with the xp cd and look on the status bar down when it asks you to press F6 to install special drivers for HDD or Raid drivers ,then put the disket choose the drivers that you want to load follow the instructions ,and good luck .!!!!

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by linkov In reply to Can't install XP on SATA ...

Did you tried this:
Make a floppy disk with ICH8 driver from the CD that came with your MB than when prompted during the booting from the WinXP boot CD press F6 and load the drivers from the floppy.

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by dma69593 In reply to Can't install XP on SATA ...

If you are wanting to have more than one OS installed on the hard drive you need to partition the hard drive. Make one partition as the primary partition, using FDISK or if you dont want to use this get Partition Magic Software, which wont erase any data if resizing.

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this should work

by foriamjesus123 In reply to Can't install XP on SATA ...

you should have got a raid driver floppy disk with your mother board it has to be a floppy with xp but when you first start the windows xp
in stall you will see at the botme right hand corner of the screen the first messige will be hit F6 to install 3erd party raid drivers hit
F6 when prompted and follow the instructions if you don't own the floppy you should be able to down load it at the manufacturers website

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Slipstream is only solution without vista or sp2xp txtsetup...

by spamjunky3000 In reply to this should work

Dont waste your time with the floppy , this is a known bug with that board as per intel -- OK-- On DG965WH : To update bios-- you must use the boot cd , the floppy bios update will not work [Intel Support] AND To boot from ICH8R SATA RAID You must have Vista or XP SP2 BootCD , Vista supports the driver (no Floppy req'd) , XpSP2 You will need the floppy and it does work w F6 txtsetup , IF IT DOES NOT WORK and your floppy gets 'brain damage' and forgets to copy the driver to the hard disk , You have XP SP1 Txtxsetup boot cd AND YOU MUST SLIPSTREAM THE DRIVER to boot from raid volume . (You can 'skip file' but you'll just get a blue screen on next boot and no safe mode to fix it) Novices: just use Vista or xpsp2 -or install ide boot drive. Advanced users: google "slipstream driver xp" and RTFWebpage . An evening of studying and you can boot from XPSp1 w/ your driver and install to raid with no glitches , i am learning this process currently to use performance-mod'd xp versions (all sp1) for my DAW. Also you can upgrade these to sp2 somehow ? again rtfm (google slipstream) and there ya go . Also: 2x500GB Raid 1 = Big and secure - -- 4x200GB Raid0 'sled' (750GB @ 4x speed )= big , cheap , & very , very fast !! (sorry protools ppl )
Hope this will help somebody ! --Nashvegas

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For all the consultants

by Adagroup In reply to Can't install XP on SATA ...

One of these should work:
a) If you can't see the disk at all, Disable/Enable Legacy SATA mode from the CMOS
b) provide a third Party Driver to Windows XP CD when it is starting
c) Create a Windows ME bootable CD with RAMDRIVE and install the driver onto that, then after booting, just replace the CD with Windows XP CD
d) Download SP3 Beta and slip-stream it into the boot CD.


IT Consultant, E-Security & S/W Solution Provider, Web/WAP Developer and Beta-Tester

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Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Insta

by omarnaji2003 In reply to Can't install XP on SATA ...

A simple google search can solve this one
here you go.

If you want RAID. You should follow the same steps but download the RAID driver instead of the normal one.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Resolving "Setup did not ...

the original post is over two yrs old...

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