Can't load .exe files from temporary internet files

By desa155 ·
I'm running XP on my vaio laptop and i'm the only user w/ administrator rights and i'm running into a couple issues.

One of which is i cannot run .exe files from the internet, i get the following error.

Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

When i try to save the file to my desktop to run it or even try to bring it from another computer using a jump drive i get the following.

An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
MoveFile fails; code 5
Access is denied

Originally i assumed these issues were due to a virus or malware so i wiped my machine and returned it back to facotry spec. Than i get the issue again. I was curious if it could be because of an update possibly ie 8 because i was loading programs fine before i updated to SP3 and ie8.

this wipe and update all took plae in the past 24hours FYI.

Please help these issues are driving me crazy,and i've scoured everywhere for answers.

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Start Removing

by patb071 In reply to Can't load .exe files fro ...

I would start by removing IE8. if that doesn't work do a system restore to a time before you installed sp3.

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ummm why?

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Start Removing

IE8 is fine... so is SP3.

It seems more likely that some sort of security application is causing this. If it's only blocking exes it would seem likely that something is blocking them to prevent execution of malicious code.

The OP said he restored to the base image. It could easily be something that the vendors put in their image.

If it were not exclusively exe files I would say that it could likely be to broken permissions. By "broken" I mean that the the user account would have no permissions to the profile directory. The owner could be a different user or even just a dead SID. This can be caused if the user had copied the whole profile directory over from another computer.

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by desa155 In reply to ummm why?

i disabled my anti-virus for a second and it booted perfectly... thanks... i wish i would have came here first before performing the wipe... oh well lesson learned

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