Can't log into Windows XP

By crazy-jim ·
I have Windows XP, I think Home edition.
Anywho, I was using it awhile ago when it shut down by itself and rebooted. No new hardware or anything, it just rebooted.

I didn't really care, until when it was supposed to have the logon screen.

Just black. And my mouse. Floating there.

I got the Vista Upgrade in hopes it would fix the problem and the jackass at Best Buy said that it would still load. Turns out the jackass was just trying to get me to buy it. I have to actually be logged into windows to load the upgrade, and I'm not shelling out another $200 to them.

Is there any way, other than buying a whole new OS, to get back into windows so I can load Vista? I'm planning on loading it anyways.

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A few options

by bcpgm In reply to Can't log into Windows XP

There are a few options.

1. Boot from DVD and proceed to install Windows Vista Upgrade. Windows XP does not need to be perfect condition for Windows Vista to install. However, if your Windows XP has some problems, Vista may just inherit them. Use this method at your own risk.
2. Repair your current Windows and install Windows Vista Upgrade.
3. Clean install Windows XP and install Windows Vista Upgrade. If necessary, backup data beforehand.
4. Google on how to clean install Windows Vista without any previous Windows. It has been widely reported how to do it.

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reintstall xp

by faster.counter In reply to Can't log into Windows XP

if u tried to reboot n same error, u should try to reinstall the window xp ....but ur data will b lost n if ur harddisk fail, it's not gonna work...cheers

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