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    can’t login and missing files


    by sdavis00001 ·

    userinit.exe application error (0cx000005) then I get a screen with no icons. I go to task manager to run iexplorer.exe. system won’t accept cookies. cookie folder missing. I found the userinit.exe file. keep getting pop ups, cmd.exe error comes sometimes. I miss my computer what can I do. using xp.

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      by sdavis00001 ·

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      Follow this link

      by ic-it ·

      In reply to can’t login and missing files

      It will explain how to fix the system/access your machine.

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        logon problem

        by sdavis00001 ·

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        let me explain again, userinit.exe error when I click on my name, then no icons on screen unless I go to task manager and run explorer.exe. I get vista 2009 virus pop ups all the time, can’t get cookies from any sites. cookie folder is missing. adware problem didn’t change the userinit.exe. go rid of anyway. vundos and downloaders have been coming up even after norton, spybot spotted them. vista virus protection pop ups are happening all the time, pop up blocker is on. but not stopping any thing.i’m getting run32dll. errors. had over 1000 run32dll in task manager.GOing THOUGH COMPUTER WITHDRAWAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP

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          Take it to the shop….

          by thumbsup2 ·

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          Sounds as if you’re heavily infected. Better take it to the repair shop. And, be sure to take your copy of Windows installation disk along with you. They’ll need it.

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