Can't Logon to my Server...etc.

By matthew.durbahn ·
Recently we added a server to our small construction office (5 people). We had a guy come in, order everything, set it up, etc, etc. Well he sucked, never called us back and only half of our stuff works so we are trying to tweak it ourselves. So I have a couple questions. First off I logged into the Server through my computer as the Adminstrator to try to set up VPN Access. After I logged out, and try to log back in as myself it will not work, like I have a wrong password (which is not the case)....any idea how to fix this? The only way to use my computer now is for me to log into my laptop as the administrator, I cannot log into the server as the administrator from my laptop again either... Second, We need to set up a back up system. I bought 10 20/40 tapes for the internal drive. I noticed on the bill the server came with Yosemite Backup SBS, is this better then the standard windows software I can use?

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by CG IT In reply to Can't Logon to my Server. ...

to VPN in you have to go out to the internet and then come back in, most admins don't allow bypass on their perimeter routers just for the reason you mention.

have you tried the default adminisrator account? Most admins will change the name of the default admin account and set a strong password so you might try that account and see if you can get in.

If this is a domain, if you log on locally your not logging on to the domain so, it's possible you created a admin account on the local machine and not the domain.

Yosemite or NT Back either works. Backup Exec as well.

Might consider a NAS or SAN backup solution rather than tape.

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clear up

by matthew.durbahn In reply to well........

I have tried the administrator account and I cannot log into that anymore either. The only way I can log on to the computer is the local administrator. I cannot login to the domain. HOWEVER if I do log into the computer as the local admin, then click my server icon on the desktop it asks me for l/p info. I can type in my information there and access server files...

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local only gets you local machine

by CG IT In reply to clear up

doesn't get you to the domain.

you have to specify the domain name [netbios] or use <user name>@<yourdomainname>.com/net/org/ at the log in box.

Sorry but you can access files on the machine but your not accessing the domain.

If you don't have a domain admin account and password available and the guy who set it up isn't available to give it to you, there's not much you can do.

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by matthew.durbahn In reply to local only gets you local ...

I dont think you understand what I am saying. I have the domain admin account. I can use it on any computer at our office fine, except for my laptop. I know I am not logging into the domain, that is the problem...

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so you can log in to the domain...

by CG IT In reply to ok..

if you sat down at the DC and tried to log in to the domain, you can?

it's when you try remote desktop from your laptop that you can't?

check the remote desktop settings on the server so that your account is authorized for remote admin.

That message that says your already logged in means one of 2 things. 1) that your logged in locally to the machine under your account or 2) that somewhere on the network, your user account is already connected to the server [RDP remote admin] so it's not going to let you log in twice. In remote admin mode, the server limits to 2 active sessions [if I remember right] . log out on the other session should remedy the problem.

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Possible cause to remote login

by anders_emajl In reply to Can't Logon to my Server. ...

My first thought was that the setting that allow you to logon to your machine have changed, allowing you to logon to the local machine ie server only.

try to logon to the server with your username with "remote desctop connection". use %SystemRoot%\system32\mstsc.exe

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by matthew.durbahn In reply to Possible cause to remote ...

I tried the remote connection, and it says

The client could not connect. You are aleady connected to the console of this computer.

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how to change you password

by jackisforlife In reply to Can't Logon to my Server. ...

Well if you can get into your server itself then you could cange the password ther by going to admin tool active diectory users and groups then find you server (network longon user name) then duble click it. it should come up with quite a few options their shoud be one to do with passwords you can cange it without entering the old one i hope this helped (jack)

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