Can't make checkbox in Access 2007 form read from table.

By supratt360 ·
My database is built to house records of companies, and I have 3 records (companies) so far in a table along with contact info in a different table. I have built a form off of these, and in the section that states "Geographic Interests" there are checkboxes for 'North America', 'South America', so on and so forth. Currently, the geographiclocation table is built with 'CompanyID' as the first field, and the locations in the fields following the ID, ie 'North America', etc.

Now if the company invests in North America, a value of 1 is placed the North America cell for that company in the table. Going forward I want this form to be used so that people who input data into it can check the corresponding locations that the companies are interested in, and which would reflect onto the table.. but for the 3 records I have thusfar, can someone tell me how I can get get the checkbox to recognize their current values? Like if Record 1 (meaning the first company) only invested in Europe then the value in the cell under 'Europe' would be 1 in the datasheet, but in the checkbox for 'Europe' in the form, I'd like that box to be checked accordingly.

A pretty dense explanation, but any help would be appreciated, thanks!!!

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