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Can't make Win 2000 Professinal Bootable CD from existing CD

By Chamkaur69 ·
Hi there,
I am struggling to burn Windows 2000 Professional CD from my old win 2000 pro cd. My old windows 2000 Professional cd in not bootable and I was wondering if I can make another copy of it with bootable feature. I have Sonic Recordnow software on my computer. I can see there is a button for making bootable cd but I don't know how to make one. If anyone can help me woth this issue I will really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks is advance!

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Big Problem

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can't make Win 2000 Profe ...

If your old CD is not bootable, you're not going to be able to make a copy of it. If your drive can't read it to boot from, it also won't be able to read it to copy from.

Contact MS with the key number and they should be able to send you a replacement.

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Oh Really!

by Chamkaur69 In reply to Big Problem

Thanks for your response.
MS has nothing to do with my CD. I got this CD from one of my friend. His CD is bootable.

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So it's a bootleg?

by stress junkie In reply to Oh Really!

TR is not a hacker site. We don't give each other information about making bootleg copies or cracking registration keys.

You didn't even manage to put your question in the correct place. You put your question in among the discussions.

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Miss Understanding

by Chamkaur69 In reply to So it's a bootleg?

Well, I guess I was just looking for some help. I have Windows 2000 Professional running on my PC and my question was just if I can make my CD bootable so that it can boot my pc from that cd during some problem occaurs. I am not making a copies of this cd and selling it on some site to make money or some thing like that. If you don't have answer for my question that's fine.

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Back up a step

by mksmith In reply to Miss Understanding

Explore the CD There should be a MakeBoot32 or something similar. Run that, make floppy boot disks and copy the files to a cd...

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Thanks for your response.

by Chamkaur69 In reply to Back up a step

Do I have to copy MakeBoot32 file in existing Windows CD or do I need to make new Windows CD?
These files are already in CD. Why this CD is not bootable?

Thanks in advance!

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Bootable are usually El Torito compliant

by In reply to Thanks for your response.

To get a better understanding of making bootable CDs when you don't already have one, check here.

Lot of info but it will give you some good basics and you don't have to be a true geek to do it.

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