Can't map drive to a workstation across a VPN.

By ian.x.roberts ·
I am running SBS 2003 Prem. I also have 2 more 2003 Servers that are domain controllers in 2 separate physical sites. All sites are connected via PPTP VPN. The SBS uses it's own RRAS and ISA for routing and the other 2 sites have a Draytek router. All Servers and workstation are members of the same domain. The network is fully routed by way of static routes.

Everything seems fine replication works. Everything can ping each other by name or ip address.

Only problem is you cannot map a drive or browse to a workstation on another lan (ie via vpn) you can map a drive to a server on another lan (via vpn) or you can map a drive to a workstation of the same lan. Don't think it's an ISA problem as the problem exists also between the lans with the Draytek routers too.

I've been stuck on this problem for a while and would be eternally grateful if anyone knows the solution. Many thanks in advance.

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Try this

by unhappyuser In reply to Can't map drive to a work ...

Have you updated your hosts/lmhosts file so the server name, and it's ip, are in the file? We had that same issue until we updated the file and then the mapping worked.


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by ian.x.roberts In reply to Try this

Thanks for replying. Do you mean update the hosts/lmhosts file on where I am trying to map a drive from or on each of the workstations I would try and map a drive to ?

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by unhappyuser In reply to Thanks

On each workstation. For example: We have to connect to a remote location, via VPN, from two computers in our office. I updated the lmhosts file with the name of the server and it's ip on both PC's.

We run a script to automatically connect to the remote network then map a drive letter to that server and it's share. I can show you our script if you want it as an example.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to mapping

His DNS server should be doing this for him or im i getting this all wrong?

Should he not have A records for this?

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by unhappyuser In reply to Surely

In our case we don't want anyone else connecting to this server. The remote network is also not part of our domain.

I was thinking his setup may be like ours but you may be correct in your assumption and he needs to set an A record for it.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to Can't map drive to a work ...

Looks like this is a DNS issue maybe, have you got a copy of the other domains dns like server1 has a copy of server2 as well as it's own and the same for server2 having server 1's DNS as well as its own DNS.

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Hmmm don't think so

by ian.x.roberts In reply to DNS

Hi ! Really don't think it is a DNS issue. All servers and workstations ar a member of the same domain. Also all can ping each other and get a reply so they can find each other okay. Also not able to map drive using ip address either so that takes DNS out of the equation. Thanks for looking though.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Hmmm don't think so

Whats the error message you are getting when you try to connect.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Can't map drive to a work ...

Maybe should also check that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled.

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Let's start over

by unhappyuser In reply to Can't map drive to a work ...

I didn't read your question well enough. I though you couldn't ping by name.

Check your VPN client settings. What is the Transport set to? Is enable transparent tunneling enable? What is your authentication set to? What are the settings on the other end? Is there a setting that is blocking the mappping?


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