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Can't map hidden admin shares on server

By shanna ·
A problem has suddenly occured on our main data server (NT 4.0 with SP 6a) related to the hidden administrative shares and the ability of mapping to them from our other servers and workstations.

For some reason (no setup changes or programs were added to the server since this happened), I can no longer map to the hidden C$, D$, or E$ shares, but I AM able to map to any other user or data shares.

I've tried using both \\IP Address\share$ and \\servername\share$ syntax from the other servers and workstations on the network, but no luck. This WAS functioning properly 3-4 weeks ago, but suddenly it's not.

Any ideas on resolving the issue? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

are you getting an error? have you checked permissions on the shares? anything in the security event log on share server(s)

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by Koke In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

Can you see the shares using server manager? Run server manager on an NT machine and select the server you wish to map to...see if you can see the default shares (one for each partition you have on the machine.

If you see them, you should be able to map to them, unless there has been a security change somewhere.

It is also possible that someone removed the share using server manager...if this has happened, the share will have to be recreated on the object server.

Hope this helps


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by tumtum73 In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

Those Hidden Admin shares are created when you load "File and Print Sharing". Something to look at, as stated earlier, is that they can be deleted manually using Server Manager, or if you use System Policies, they can be deleted that way too.

Research if the shares exist first. If not, create them using Server Manager.

If they do exist and you still cannot connect to the shares then verify that you have the appropriate permissions, normally only Domain Admins have access to the hidden shares.


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by shanna In reply to

I will check and verify the proper permissions for these shares are currently in place.

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by shanna In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

Thank you to all that responded to my question. It was indeed a problem with the hidden C$, D$, & E$ not being shared on the server. Once I re-enabled the shares, the problem vanished.

The only issue I now have is that if I reboot the server for any reason, those shares once again disappear! No clue as to why this might be happening. Any suggestions?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

Have you scanned this server for a virus?

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by shanna In reply to

Yes, the server is scanned nightly for viruses using a McAfee Anti-virus solution installed on our SonicWall firewall. It continues to come up clean.

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by tumtum73 In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

If the problem goes away when you reinstall the hidden shares and those shares magically disappear when you reboot, I would say, as states earlier, the problem must be a system policy.

I would use poledit to review the system policies that are applied on your server and ensure something isn't set in there that is removing the Admin shares. Off the top of my head, I seem to remember there being a security template for NT System Policies that removed the hidden shares because they were viewed at as being a vulnerability.

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by shanna In reply to

Thanks for the input! As soon as I have a few moments I'll investigate the system policies and see if there's something there that's deleting the shares.

I really appreciate all your help with this.

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by joeh In reply to Can't map hidden admin sh ...

Suggest the Trojan. Try opening Task Manager and looking for msnmsg.exe. If it shows stop it, you may have to check that it does not restart. Then see if your shares work.

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