Can't map over WAN, can Ping tho

By scampisi ·
I am having trouble seeing machines over a WAN Link. I am trying to install two new servers in a Windows 2003 network. I didn't setup this network, and this is the first time I've worked on it. It is located in two different cities connected by a T1 WAN Link. I have setup a new server as a Domain Controller and I have also setup the server as their primary DNS for their network. This machine is also the DHCP server for the local network in what we'll call ?City A? ( Everything works fine locally, and people are resolving names, attaching to shares and peacefully processing. However, the remote network( in ?City B?, across the WAN link cannot see the new server. The new server's name is DC1-2k3, and the other two servers on that network are named 00SERVER and APPLICATIONS. When I physically go to the remote network( in city B, I can ping and resolve the name of any of the servers in City A. DC1-2k3, APPLICATIONS, and 00SERVER all respond to a ping of either their name or IP address. However, if I try and attach to a share on the new server, DC1-2K3, I am told that I cannot see the server. I can attach fine to shares on either of the other servers in City A from City B. If I do:

net view \\DC1-2K3

I get an error 53. When I do a ?net view? of any of the older City A machines from the City B network I also have trouble. It is just the two older servers in City A that I can see. I checked for HOSTS files one the machines, and there were none. I noticed that the DHCP server in City B ( network) was handing out a WINS server address, which corresponds to the 00SERVER in City A. I thought this was my problem, so I setup my new server (DC1-2K3 with the WINS information and rebooted. I then had entries in my WINS database that reflected that there was a machine at that was named DC1-2K3. Unfortunately, I still can't see any resources on the new server in City A, from City B. I am completely unfamiliar with WINS servers, so i thought this was my problem, but then I did this net view

net view

and I still got an error 53. I cannot map to the new server or ?net view? it via it's IP address OR it's name. The guy told me that ?they had a real hard time? getting the two networks to see each other. The guy wants me to clean up his network and fix any problems that I find, and I am wondering what this problem could be. It is clearly not just name resolution, as my DNS is working fine and I can ping any machine by it's name. If I configure a machine in City B without a WINS server, it can't resolve any local names on the City A network, even though it resolves Internet names correctly. I am asking for any help anybody can give. I am at a loss.

This is the layout of the network.

City A - class B
with three servers DC1-2k3(windows 2003 R2 server) @, 00SERVER(windows 200 Server) @ and APPLICATIONS(windows 203 Server) @

City B - class B with one server 01SERVER(Windows 2000 Server) @

The T1 wan link is connected by a Lucent Superpipe 155 on each end.

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Similar problem on a smaller scale.

by rasmonis In reply to Can't map over WAN, can P ...

I am experiencing similar symptoms across subnets @ the same location.

I can ping a node's IP across the subnet, the name resolves in RDP, but not when trying to map a drive or access network shares across subnets. Weird.

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Very similiar problem here

by agorman In reply to Can't map over WAN, can P ...

Anybody have a solution? Mine is quite similar to the one described. I'm able to connect via PCAnywhere, ping, you name it. I just can't netview or map a drive.

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