Can't modify folder with domain admin username

By kmyers ·
I have two servers on a particular domain.
1 is running 2003 r2 standard and the other is running 2008 enterprise.
I recently switched to Acronis Backup and Recovery with a RDX usb 360gb drive because of a hardware failure.
My problem is I need to get files from the win2003 server to the win2008 server. I created a shared drive, gave the domain admin full permissions yet everytime I try to create, modify, or delete a file on the shared drive I get an access denied error.
I researched as best I could and everyone says disable UAC but I've all ready done that and it still doesn't work.
I appreciate any help to what is probably an idiot question and apologize if the answer is already posted. I couldn't find anything that helped.

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Which server hosts share?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can't modify folder with ...

Which server is the share on, the 2008 or 2003 box? Which server are you logged on to when you attempt the transfer?

You mention your backup system. Is there a reason you think this is relevant to the problem?

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2008 server hosts

by kmyers In reply to Which server hosts share?

I am on the 2003 machine trying to overwrite a share on the 2008. The backup is why I'm trying to do this. I've got to get the files from the 2003 server to a usb drive on the 2008 machine but can't write files to the usb or the 2008 machine. The usernames are on the shared drive as users with all privalages.

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This might help with your server issue....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can't modify folder with ...
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check share permissions, ensure the accounts are listed

by CG IT In reply to Can't modify folder with ...
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I'd be checking the 'Owner'

by NexS In reply to Can't modify folder with ...

And Replace the ownership with the user you're trying to use...
Unless, of course, that you've already done that.

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by kmyers In reply to I'd be checking the 'Owne ...

I had to set the permissions in the sharing permissions area not just security like I thought. Dumb.

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by dgoldsmith In reply to Can't modify folder with ...

Make sure to check the share permissions on the share and make sure that the "authenticated users" or whoever you have given permission to has the change permission selected on the share. You need to also check your NTFS permissions because between share and NTFS permissions the "MOST RESTRICTIVE" permissions wins.

David G

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