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Can't obtain a new ip address

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have a cust. who hase a small net work
with just 4 comp. all runing win 98se and newer processer I can't get the network card to release
and renew the ip address have deleted all the network drivers and reinstalled them.
Any thought's on thiscould it be a problem in the bios it is a 233p

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Can't obtain a new ip address

by Chuck_Townsend In reply to Can't obtain a new ip add ...

1st your network only has four computers on it running Win98SE. This is a problem if you don't have a network resource offering DHCP to your computers. One device that would offer DHCP for a reasonable cost for a small office would be a DSL/Cable router. Average cost is between $80 - $150 US currency. There are other means, such as setting up a server to do the same while offering other network services currently unavailable to you with Win98SE Peer-to-Peer networking.
2nd. Your problem athand is that each computer is using Microsofts Private IP addressing. Try switching the configuration from DHCP to static and provide each computer a different ip address. I would suggest using through don't forget to setthe subnet mask and the default gateway if you are using on of the machines for connection sharing to the internet. One more point make sure that you specify each computer as belonging to the same work group name. This will aid in preventing complaints that users can't see other machines when trying to map to anothers resource.
For more information reqarding Microsoft, DHCP please follow the link to Chapter 4 of DHCP for Windows 2000. This information is very valuable even for Windows 98 systems:

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Can't obtain a new ip address

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Can't obtain a new ip add ...


The above answer is a good one. I'd suggest one minor change. Use the 192.168.0.x range of static IP addresses because if you ever use internet connection sharing, then this is the same range used.

Secondly, the subnet mask you'll need foreither suggested address range is actually


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