cant open a duplicate/already burned cd in a laptop

By dredevil_s ·
its been 2-3 months i hav purchased a dell laptop n i hav windows xp pro. os,i am nt able to read and copy a cd/dvd in my laptop, my question is in a laptop can u read/copy a duplicate/already buned cd/dvd in a there any software or...
thank you...

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Drive or CD problem?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to cant open a duplicate/alr ...

Has the CD / DVD drive ever worked, or is this the first time you've tried it? Try removing it from laptop and then putting it back. It's possible you have a bad drive and may have to contact Dell tech support.

Have you tried more than one CD? It may be the CD is bad, especially if it is one someone burned for you.

Your laptop should have come with burner software, and software to read CDs and play DVDs. If it didn't, you can go to Dell's web site and download them.

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Have you got nero installed

by Jesus_C In reply to cant open a duplicate/alr ...
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by Toivo Talikka In reply to cant open a duplicate/alr ...

Is your DVD drive a DVD player or burner? If the text at the front says e.g. DVD multi player, it is just a player. If it says DVD-RW, it is a burner.

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Same problem with Dell laptop DVD-CDRW by Samsumg

by num1005 In reply to DVD-RW?

I have the same problem with Dell laptop DVD-CDRW (it reads DVD but writes CD only). It does not read the disks it writes itself. When I check those disks on other CD readers, some read them, others don't.

My CD reader/writer reads some of its own CDs but not others. I was told that I need a particular brand of CDs for it to work well.

What brand of CD's do I need to buy? I am using now CDs by Tevion.

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i think its da driver but there shuld be some software

by dredevil_s In reply to Same problem with Dell la ...

Thanks for your reply...
i think so i have philips dvd-rw but i think there is some software which will help in this case...
i tried UDFreader but it dint help u try to download the latest version of it n try it den reply me back
once again Thank You...

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i am sorry to say sir but i am able to write a cd/dvd

by dredevil_s In reply to DVD-RW?

Thank You for your reply sir,
i hav a philips cd & dvd-rw but i am sorry to say sir but i am able to write a cd/dvd and i am not able to read other cd which i bring it from outside(pirated cd and the cd's i write from other computer's only).
What shuld i do so that i can read other cd as well...

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