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    Can’t open a file


    by lmhloca ·

    I have a problem when opening a file:
    There is not enough memory or disk space to open the file.
    How can this be solved or what needs to be done in order to prevent this from happening?

    Thanks very much in advance

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      Depends on system

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Can’t open a file

      This will depend upon the hardware, software and configuration of your system. Specific instructions will vary with software and hardware capabilities. But generally this problem occurs because you have to many programs already open, either intentionally, by accident or through memory leakage.

      You will need to check your system configuration to see what is opened automatically when you start up, and then decide if you want them to do this, and adjust as required. The next would be to load a memory management program and set it to clear the RAm on a regular basis, this is especially important with MS applications on an MS operating system.

      I would also check the size of the file, a text file with an excessive file could be one saved with bad ‘save settings’ thus have all keystrokes instead of just the current version (have seen a 9 page 21.4 MB file through this) or it could have a trojan or somehting embedded in it.

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        Not enough VIDEO RAM

        by master gunner ·

        In reply to Depends on system

        If you have limited Video RAM, then to many short-cuts on the desktop can prevent files from opening. Eliminate these (or place them in a desktop folder called shortcuts)to free up resources. Also running a large database in the background with anti-virus programs active will often prevent opening a second database.

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