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Can't open any files after restore

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I restored a hard drive that failed with ontracks easy recovery proffessional software. Everything worked fine except i am unable to open any of the files. The extensions are all ok and the application associations are correct but for ex. a word doc of 248k will just open as a blank page.
if i open word first, then open the document from the program, it does a conversion, and my whole document is ASCII blocks. any of my image files open as the red x in a box. and my music and video files will not play with any player. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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by ggonzales In reply to Can't open any files afte ...

have you taken ownership of the file?

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by In reply to

I have taken ownership of them, still no luck.
Does anyone else have any suggestions...
Please Help

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can't open any files afte ...

can you make a new word doc that behaves properly?
if yes, i wonder if your registry got messed up. namely the file types. have you considered an in place update of Windows to try to fix this?
you can see how for your particular windows version at
is this the same hd? you sure you don't have bad sectors

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

i would rule out a virus also.
to get my files open, i would put in another hd and reinstall the os on it. then i would put in my recovered drive in as a second hard drive and see if i could my files then

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by In reply to

the old hd that i recovered from had bad sectors. the files are on a new hd now. I can create new word docs, or open other existing word docs with no problem. The unreadable files very from word docs, to pictures, to music. everything is behaving the same in not opening. or opening with an error. but they do show the correct file size next to everything. this makes me think the info is there, but somehow corrupt.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't open any files afte ...

Where these files encrypted prior to the HDD failing? If so it is likely that you will be unable to recover them so that they are readable as what you appear to be explaining is that the file sizes are correct but the content is garbage. With XP encryption you need to not only backup the files but also the algorithm that was originally used to encrypt the files if the second is lost you have very little chance of recovering the files.


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by triangle In reply to Can't open any files afte ...


Seems like your files were restored corrupted. When I had a simmilar situations I've used Active@ undelete or Uneraser(DOS) tools and they always worked perfectly and never ever failed. You can try it too.

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by SamTheDon In reply to Can't open any files afte ...

While using easy recovery professional,the software has a unique feature to match the original file with the recovered comparing the exact size of the file of the cluster u recovered.
just chk that the partition which u have recovered is the same cluster of the data.

while using this software,its very delicate,as u have to match the perfect partition.
just make it a full version software,recover to a another partition.recover with same extension,and same name,dont try to change the name of the file.

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