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Can't open backup file.

By sweet_german ·
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I had a backup file (still I have it but useless) which is now no more useful. Last month around 60-70 GB of data deleted by me accidentally. It was really no issue for me as I backed up those data. I went for a holiday trip and it was last week when I came back. I tried to restore that deleted data from my backup file but just couldn't. In fact I couldn't open my backup file. First I thought it is corruption but I'm not getting any error message. Is it really corruption. If it is then how shall I fix it? I need my backup file. Please help.

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Repair your backup file and restore your data.

by Astute guy In reply to Can't open backup file.

Hi, first let me tell you, when a backup file gets corrupted it is not at all necessary that error will have to be received. Sometimes there can be error and sometimes not. If you can't open your backup file that means it is corrupted. And all you need to do, just repair it. Where you have created your backup file? What I mean is, inside the system or some external storage media?

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How to repair backup?

by sweet_german In reply to Can't open backup file.

I made it on my system hard drive. How to repair it?

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Use software program to repair backup file.

by Astute guy In reply to Can't open backup file.

You have only one option to repair your corrupt backup file. By using third party software tool. There is no one can help you to repair your corrupt backup. You can use advanced BKF recovery tool from sysinfotools. It will surely help you.

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Problem is solved now.

by sweet_german In reply to Can't open backup file.

Sorry for making a very late response. But I was really very busy in searching something to repair my corrupt backup file. Thank you astute guy to your recommendation of that program. I have solved my problem with that software program.
Stay blessed. Thank you.

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There is also some other good tools.

by Transend In reply to Can't open backup file.

I have used a good BKF repair software which quickly restores all the data from damaged BKF files. It can easily repair data from all backups created using ntbackup.exe utility and backup files created using Backup Exec by VERITAS tool, For more information about this tool visit

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BKF recovery utility

by jonmaxim93 In reply to Can't open backup file.

Checkout this globally used result oriented BKF Recovery Software. Download the free trial version to see the preview of recovered bkf data. You can download this software from here:


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