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can't open cntrl panel after install sp2

By bugsb69 ·
gentlemen, i am running a amd 64 3000 with a dfi m/b and i just installed sp2. i can't open the cntrol panel by either clicking on my computer or by start/control panel? what happens is when i click on the my computer icon, the desk top goes blank for about a cpl of seconds and then the screen comes back to normal.....the same happens when i go to start/control what is wrong? when i restore my pc back to the point b4 i installed the sp2 everything works fine....any suggestions? this is the only problem i have after i install sp2 and since i can't open the control panel to configure any other functions that i need to change or to add/remove programs or whatever i need to do? plz help?

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to can't open cntrl panel af ...

This is the only thing I can come up with that makes any sense to me.
As you know, SP_2 consists mainly of three programs. 1 Security, 2 Firewall,3 Automatic Updater.
The Updater should {Theoretically} have nothing to do with this as it's set somewhat apart from the standard functions.
The Firewall and the Security however, might be culprits in this case. It is possible that you have an add-on Program, Something that didn't come with windows yet it's Control Icon rests in the Control Panel area. Program like Tweak UI, Real Player, etc. It is possible that something this is being prevented from coming up by either your Firewall or Security. If you use Norton, then have turn you Windows Security off and let Norton handle the Viruses. If not , then whatever program. Then go to the firewall and see if it allows all you Control programs Panel Programs through. I suspect that it does not and that this is what might be causing your problem.
I'm not sure but it's the only ting that makes sense to me, so I would give it a try.
You might also want to go to Desktop's START/RUN than then type msconfig, just to see what is starting up with your system.
This might be a good way to identify the program that is being prevented from starting.
I run SP_2 and have had no problem wit it a all. I let the Norton take care of the viruses, I have the updater turned off. Ad-Aware takes care of the ads, and Spybot 1.4 takes care of the spyware, Trojans etc. The one thing I don't do is allow one to go into the other's area.
I'm going to give this a little more thought, and come back at you.
on another note;
Allow me to recommend
He too is a member and if I may say so, extremely proficient and well versed.
In short, he's very very good and just might be able to solve this for you.

Good Luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to can't open cntrl panel af ...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Aaron. I don't even begin to understand what's going on here.

Anyway does this still happen in Safe Mode?

The only other thing that I can think of is that with SP2 installed you don't have sufficient privileges to get into the Control Panel and the security that you have running is preventing you from getting into the control panel and changing things. If you boot in Safe Mode you should chose the Admin Account and log in and see if you can change your account privileges other wise I would be looking for some security program that is preventing you from getting in. SP2 has been known to break a lot of Software and that could be your problem but without knowing exactly what you have running it's very hard to suggest an answer.

I would be doing as Aaron has suggested with msconfig and stooping various nonessential programs running to see if you can then gain access to the Control Panel.

By the way can you gain access to the Task Manager? If you can can you stop programs running from there?


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