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Can't open files in IE7

By cthang ·

I have a asp program which works fine in IE6 and now it does not work in IE7.

The problem is that IE7 does not like going to a folder and I just get an error stating that this web page cannot be display.

Here is part of the code that makes the call to the folder.

Select Case objRecordset.RecordCount
Case 0
Response.Write "<BR>No Matches found"
Case 1
sUserName = objRecordSet.Fields("samaccountname")
sLocation = objRecordSet.Fields("department")
sLocationCode = GetSchoolCode(sLocation)
If sLocationCode <> "xx" then
sHomeFolderPath = "file://" & sLocationCode & "-ovr-dc-1/users/students/" & sUserName
Response.Redirect sHomeFolderPath

Response.Write "<BR>Error: unable to determine location code."
End if
Case Else
Response.Write "<BR>Error: found multiple AD accounts with this student number."
While Not objRecordSet.EOF
for each oField in objRecordSet.Fields
Response.Write "<BR>Match:" & objRecordSet.Fields(oField.Name).Value

End Select

Any help will be great.


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