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Can't Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer

By lmalhoit Contributor ·
I've created a website using IIS 7. However, I'm using ftp publishing, because it's actually and FTP site, but I wanted users to have to use https to get to it. The problem with that, though, is Internet Explorer no longer gives you the option to Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. Is there a workaround for that? I don't want everyone to have to use an ftp client. Thanks for any suggestions!

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by The Scummy One In reply to Can't Open FTP Site in Wi ...

go to tools -- Internet Options -- Advanced tab -- Enable ftp

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Enabling FTP

by lmalhoit Contributor In reply to In IE

Thanks for the reply, however, I already have that enabled. It works if I go to a site using ftp://, but I need to go to the site using https:// and I was wondering if there is a way to simulate that.


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If you're using https:// and not ftp://

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Enabling FTP

... you are not using FTP. It's the letters at the beginning of the URL which determine the protocol, and, as such, the default program to use to open the site with.

So, if you are forced to 'go to a site' using https://, Windows Explorer can't be used. Even if you start with Windows Explorer and type in the URL, it will switch to the default browser to open the web page.

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by lmalhoit Contributor In reply to If you're using https:// ...

Yes, I 'm using https...but in IIS 7 you can have a website (http or https) with ftp publishing...so I was thinking there must be some way to simulate the FTP commmands...or even use them. Why else would I really want to create a website and then have ftp publishing...I would just create an ftp site. Since ftp isn't that secure, though...I didn't want to do that. ftps is an option, but not a very easy one (even though it's supposed to be) with IIS 7.

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