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Can't "Open in new Window"

By jwagner45 ·
Whenever I right click on a link and choose "Open in new window" a new window comes up but it has the "Page cannot be displayed" error. I'm runnning XP with SP2. Anyone have any idea why?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

Does the page display normally if you click on it?

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by jwagner45 In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

If I left-click on the link the window comes up correctly without any errors.

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by OTL In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

Right clicking on the URL should give you options on what you want to do, left clicking opens the window (unless you reversed the mouse keys or made it a left handed mouse (reversing the keys).

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

this is known issue. check it out at search mskb under XP "open new window". what version browser? this is fixed supposedly in new versions. if running IE and less than latest greatest, do windows updates and update ie to 6 with latest sp's and critical updates

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by hisriram In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

I dont have the answer, but let me pose the question in better light.

My laptop was working just fine.
I try to visit crack sites to amuse myself at finding a crack for xyz..
Everything else remains normal, but when i right and open pages, they do not load. I get a page not displayed error.

Once i try refreshing a couple of times, the page does load. I know something IS wrong, but i am not able to pin it after searching for an hour on the net.

Might be a virus/worm. Need anyone with insights to share the same. It is really irritating to reload pages to view them.

Hey my take: Try opening ur mail account with the browser (i mean login), u will find the page not displayed error. This is OK, now just try reloading it a couple of times. YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO YOU ACCOUNT DIRECTLY WIHTOUT VERIFICATION. some malware is capturing and sending data at the intermittent stage i.e. though u are granted access to page, ur computer must locally be creating the problem.
Remember: if this can serve me my mail page, i must then assume it must also be in someway recording my e-com transactions-submitting the pages/capturing the info. Please be careful.

In the meanwhile, if someone has a fix i welcome it.


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by miguel In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

Re-registering some files as described here: worked as expected and i'm able again to use the Open in new window feature. Hope this helps.

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caused by Yahoo Toolbar?

by a_117 In reply to Can't "Open in new Window ...

Sorry to post to an obviously old discussion, but I had this very same problem and when I done a google search I found this page.

I've just done a fresh install of WinXP w/ SP2 and installed a few of my regular apps. I was in a bit of a hurry and accidentally allowed one of my apps to install Yahoo toolbar as an added "feature".

I then ran upon the problem of not being able to open a new window by right clicking a link and selecting "open in new window" from the context menu.

As the only real difference to my normal setup was the addition of the yahoo toolbar, I uninstalled it. This fixed my problem.

Possibly this is some kind of anti-popup feature of the yahoo tool bar which I'm much to lazy to track down the option to disable.

Hope this helps someone out there on the inter-nerd lan.

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