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cant open inbox msgs for acc

By qwanda ·
i'm running an internet cafe which uses ICS (Xp Windows) for internet connection. The problem is my other clients can open their email box ( primary Yahoo and Hotmail Accounts)but cannot access their inbox to retreive their messages (a cannot be diplay page appears). I'm losing a lot of clienttelle due to this PROBLEM . Please help me What can i do to fix this problem once and for all .

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by CptOmlly In reply to cant open inbox msgs for ...

My first guess would be that this is a cookie blocking issue. In IE 6, go to Tools>Options. On the General tab, you should see both a delete files and a delete cookies button. Click both and let it run (may take a second or two). Then click the Privacy tab, click the Advanced button. Check Override automatic cookie handling. Click always allow under First party cookies. Check always allow per session cookies. On the third party cookies you can do what you like (I recommend blocking because 99.9% of the time the are ad/tracking cookies). Click OK to save the advanced privacy settings, and then click the Edit button on privacy settings tab. Enter and as "always allow" entries. (This IS a bit redundant, but better safe than sorry, eh?) This should restore access to yahoo and hotmail mailboxes.

On a further side note, you may want to check this site, , regarding tips for locking down public PC's. The article deals with PC's in public libraries, but I think it would be applicable for your business as well. Also, most of the examples here are for Windows 2000, but many will apply to XP as well.

Finally, if you are in need of more comprehensive security software, I would HIGHLY recommend DeepFreeze. Once installed, this software automatically reverts to a frozen state on each reboot. Someone messes up the PC, its not working right, REBOOT, and its just like it was when you installed it. The best thing is that it is completely invisible to the end user. They can change all the settings they want, do whatever, and all you have to do is reboot. Its VERY reasonably priced too. Check it out at

Hope this helps.

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by malkeetdxb In reply to cant open inbox msgs for ...

It's also happens when there is not connectivity
to internet or connetion speed is very slow.
What type of ICS are you using, whether it is
Dialup, DSL or T1,T2 etc.
If it's the first one i.e Dialup then probably
you need to switch to some faster means of
accessing the internet. Also depeds on the number of clinets using the ICS, more the number slower
the connection will be.

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