Can't open or rename file (name is too long)? SMH

By claytonclayton ·
There's no context menu for rename, I've also tried clicking on it when it's highlightd (which usually changes name too). It wont open in realplayer VLC or WMP.

I get this error "The file name is too long." when trying to open it.

I've also tried to convert it but thje converter software says unknown file type.

Any help much appreciated!

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Filename= full path

by seanferd In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

It is probably in a sub sub sub sub sub sub folder? Even if it isn't nested too deeply and the filename itself is too long, try moving it up the folder structure. Even drop it right into the root of the drive, so you can rename it.

It could also possibly be incorrectly typed, as sometimes happens with downloads. It may not be a media file at all, but say, html of the page where it supposedly resided.

Or it could be a file extension collision - some wildly different filetypes share the same extensions, and a default program allowed to associate itself with all possible filetypes it may open will erroneously associate itself with a particular file due to the extension. (Windows and Windows applications tend to look only at extension, not header.)

It may also simply be corrupt.

If it is not too large, you can try opening it in a text editor.

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by armando17 In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

It happened to me a year ago , I suggest you use Long Path Tool, it works great in this errors.

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File Name too long

by WebDevGuru In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

What type of file is this? Like what is the file extension? You should post that along with the operating system you are using and any other important information so that you can get an appropriate answer. Windows has certain limitations on FAT 32 formatted drives for example and that may be your problem, but if you are on a mac, or perhaps Linux it would be something different. You may want to include where you got the file from? Often people disguise files as a different type to get you to download them. Many times they contain viruses or they are executable files that will install some type of malware, etc.

It sounds like this is a media file? You are trying to open it with VLC or Windows Media Player so I assume its a media file. Did you download it? My co-worker Michael Pereira is a media guru and knows all there is to know about multimedia files players and programming. You can get ahold of him on his personal site Gaston Digital or Seven Degrees Media and he will help with your issue. He is always happy to lend a hand and is passionate about video and motion media.

Hope this helps.

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File name too long

by WebDevGuru In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

You should add more information to your post. File type (extension), operating system, versions of VLC and WMP. Windows Media Player is notoriously unreliable when it comes to MKV files and some others. If you need a quick answer you should talk to Michael Pereira at Gaston Digital. He is an absolute GURU when it comes to media files and dollars to donuts he can get you squared away.

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Same Problem with me but solved

by EricClarcks In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

Try to use Long Path Tool, it really can help you, it worked for me.

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Thanks for recommendation

by ConstancePierce596 In reply to Same Problem with me but ...

I used to have the same problems too, but after using
"long path tool" everything works perfectly.

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Cant open....path too long

by fredsmith01 In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

Try to use long path tool, it help me resolved this kind of issue

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File Name Too Long Error

by contact1519439171 In reply to Can't open or rename file ...

You can use long path tool or robocopy to fix this issue. Detailed article to fix File Name too Long error using robocopy and long path tool is at this link

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