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cant open progs, msconfig or sys restore

By ecayres ·
I'm posting this on behalf of a friend.
For some reason he cannot open or run any programs, open msconfig or system restore, the only thing available to him is AVG anti virus and internet explorer.AVG found some corrupt archives for sun java but that was all.
He tried to use the 'run' command for system restore in normal and safe mode but windows told him that the path/device was inaccesible and he didnt have permission, he is one of the administrators on the pc.
Anyone know how to get around this?
Many thanks

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by ecayres In reply to cant open progs, msconfig ...

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by ctrservices In reply to cant open progs, msconfig ...

Sounds like a malware infestation. Try installing Spybot, then update both Spybot and Avg. Boot into Safe Mode and scan with both. Delete anything found, then rescan. If Spybot finds anything further, open Spybot, click Mode?Advanced mode?Settings?Settings?look for ?System Start? and tick the option ?Run program once at next system startup?. Restart PC.

When finished, boot into Normal mode and check the offending programs. If they still don't perform properly, download HijackThis, run the program and send in the log to the HJT forum.

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by ctrservices In reply to

I nearly forgot. When the system is back to normal, turn off System Restore, reboot, then turn System Restore back on again (you don't want to restore any problems in the future).

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by OnTheRopes In reply to cant open progs, msconfig ...

I agree with ctrservices for both cause and solution. Spybot S&amp using the immunize option, and HijackThis are both great tools. Might I also recommend the following free tools:
SpywareBlaster from which blocks spyware and other potentially unwanted software..
Adaware SE Personal from will catch things Spybot doesn't and vice-versa.
Spycatcher Express from - must be connected to the Internet during installation for updates. SpyEx has caught things nothing else has, and I change the default action from Quarantine to remove.
The trial version of CounterSpy from Sunbelt Software may find and remove things none of these others will.

I've also been using Windows Defender beta from MS which prevented an unwanted change to my IE homepage before anything else.

If I still feel that all of this software has missed something, I will uninstall the free AVG, download ZoneAlarms Internet Security Suite and run a deep byte level scan, it takes awhile.

As with all scans, I make sure that I reboot after removal and run all of the scans a second time to make sure the problem didn't get

Reset all security Zones in IE to default level and check that Trusted zone only contains trustd sites.

Give some thought to using Firefox for a browser.

It's always a great idea to back-up any important DATA files, to external media, (CD/DVD, external USB etc.) before attempting virus/malware removal. Scan before re-installing the data.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cant open progs, msconfig ...

If none of the above help which they just may not because of the infections that this computer has picked up you might be looking at a reload of the entire system after removing the HDD and saving any data.

But if a new install of Spy Bot will open you should be able to clean the thing out quite nicely even if you have to install other software latter and run further scans. Just remember to run all scans in Safe Mode as that way you are far more likely to get the problem files.

The problem here will be if you are unable to open any Spy Ware Tool then you'll need to recover the data on a Protected Computer and then wipe the drive and perform a clean install so that nothing of the previous infections can come back and bite you again.


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