can't open web site.

By pclegg1 ·
I have my own web site which I cannot get into. I have tried to open web site, also the webmail account, but cannot enter anywhere.

Anything related to my domain is not working. If my computer is used on a friends router, I have no problem getting in, but when I try on the system which I am using, a broadband and telephone radio system, as I don't have a telephone line, I cannot get into anything relating to my domain name. Any other web site or webmail is no problem. I am totally confused.

Is there any setting that I should change in IE?

I am using Windows XP Prof. and IE7. Antivirus is NOD32 and Spybot. This is all the protection I have.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to can't open web site.

Is your DNS for your internet provider set up correctly?

Have you tried refreshing your dnscache? ipconfig /flushdns

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Sounds like a DNS problem....

by quail71 In reply to can't open web site.

This almost certainly is a problem with DNS. A couple of possibilities:

1. Are you hosting this web site yourself, or is it somewhere else? If it's something you're hosting yourself, you will often have to create DNS entries for your own use that point at the INTERNAL IP address of the web server, not the external addresses that everyone else would use.
2. If you have an internal DNS server already, make sure that you either have the correct settings for your domain, or remove the domain from your DNS server entirely. Unless your DNS server is the authoritative DNS server for that domain (meaning it's the DNS server responsible for telling the rest of the world where your domain is located), then you shouldn't have to have references to your domain in your internal DNS server (except if #1 above applies).
3. Finally, if you're not using an internal DNS server, and you're not trying to host this site yourself, you might try using a different DNS server. At least here in the US, most ISPs that I've come across don't have any restrictions on who's using their server for DNS. So, you might try finding out what DNS server your friend is using, and try that instead.

Hope this helps...

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by bincarnato In reply to can't open web site.

Do a nslookup from both places to see if it comes up with the same thing from both places.

type cmd
type nslookup

See what IP address that gives you.
If they are the same, then it is some sort of routing issue. If they are different, then it is a DNS issue.

You have pretty much eliminated the issue being IE or your PC. It could be your router has bad DNS server entries. Can you get into your router and check if the DNS server entries are correct?

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It is possible your address is being blocked

by HCream In reply to can't open web site.

Check with the ISP that hosts your website to make sure they are not blocking your IP address. It's possible that your IP is on the Spams Black List.

XP's built-in firewall is very basic. It is doing an ok job but it doesn't check for outgoing traffic. You may want to add a third party personal firewall to your PC's protection arsenal. One of my favorite is Comodo. It's free and has some good reviews.

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