Can't open word documents from NAs

By JoeRuzic ·
Office 2010 will not open documents from NAS, (iomega storcenter ix2-dl). They will open if doc is on the local drive, PDF's open fine, JPG's open fine. Just not office products, doc, docx, xls ect.. I have add trusted sites, still no love.
System is WIN 7 Pro, Office 2010 Pro,

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Opening a file in Office is not just one file

by robo_dev In reply to Can't open word documents ...

Word, for example, has three files, the document, the temp file, and the auto-recover file.

The locations for each of these is set in the program preferences. If the app cannot write to one of the locations, or if the location does not exist, is out of space, corrupted or filled with a billion files, it will bork.

Word does some odd things when you open a I recall, it copies the file to the temp file, and then when it closes it, it renames the temp file to the working file and replaces it. The auto-recover file is just a copy of the main file.

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