Can't ping a workgroup computer in xp pro home network

By jon_norris ·
I noticed similar problems, but no resolutions.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I have a laptop and a desktop on a home network. I can ping and access network shares from the desktop to the laptop. I cannot however see the desktop or its shares from any other computer.
I tried simple shares, and am now working on the shares that resemble domain shares.
After loading a lltp layer, I can at least see the
desktop machine. I just get an access denied error.
I have unistalled my antivirus program, and I am not running windows firewall.
I have an identical user for both machines. I have tried to add this user to both machines. I think these may be different. Office1\dad probably does not equal gateway2000\dad

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why does this senario show up all the time?

by CG IT In reply to Can't ping a workgroup co ...

to setup a home network for Windows XP see this MS technet article.

start with Part 6 and go through to Part 8. If you still can't share between computers, start at Part 1 and go through to Part 8.

note: you must change the workgroup name from the default installed workgroup.

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The link??

by jon_norris In reply to why does this senario sho ...

I am blown away by the timeliness of your response. Thank you

Did you intend to include a link, or specific article?

My initial query on the technet site by microsoft, that listed parts like you have mentioned was for a network on xp home.
The shares that I have elected to use only will work in xp.

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well in a workgroup setting...

by CG IT In reply to The link??

the 8 part series applies to Windows XP Pro as well.

here's part 6 link:

you would follow this procedure if you computer is XP Home OR XP Pro.

however, if you can't ping an address on the same subnet, with firewalls turned off, then you need to check connectivity.

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Everything works except shares

by jon_norris In reply to well in a workgroup sett ...

The desktop machine can see and access the shares on the laptop. Both machines access internet and a printer on a printer server.

The laptop can even see the desktop. (using the search command) It just cannot has no access to any shares, or the other shared printer physically connected to the desktop. The desktop can also be pinged. It can however ping all other machines and devices in the network???

I checked through all the steps in the link you attached. Everything checks out.

I disabled simple shares, in the hopes that classic shares, and enabling the everyone group would help.

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well ...what I would do...

by CG IT In reply to Everything works except s ...

is start all over and follow all the steps in all parts of the MS KB 8 part home networking article.

It's possible that you think both computers belong to the same workgroup but they may not be which would cause the problems your seeing if everything else checks out.

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resolved issue with reformatting

by jon_norris In reply to well ...what I would do.. ...

I resolved issue by formatting an auxiliary hard drive and using it to boot from. Botting from the new drive everything is great. All the shares work like they should. Booting from the old drive this computer still displays the original issues. I suspect registry issues being the culprit.

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