Can't ping myself through university LAN, but can through home LAN. Help!

By drexal ·
As soon as I had the hldrrr.exe virus my remote desktop to my dorm computer going through my university's LAN disconnected. I have dual NICs, one connected directly to the university's LAN and another connected to an ISP. I then VPNed into my home router through the ISP and Remote Desktopped into the computer that way, but even after removing the virus and all trojans I still can't access to that computer through the university's LAN. I can ping from all other computers to each other and I can ping from the affected computer to all others, but none of my computers can ping the affected computer through the university's network. However, the odd thing is that I can ping that computer if the pinging computer is within my home network: 192.168.1.XXX. Interestingly with tracert from another computer in the school I can ping any of my computers on the same switch as the affected computer in my dorm, but when pinging the one affected computer it gets to the server like pinging any of the others, but stalls at the affected computer's specific IP. My guess is that somehow although the server knows that the affected computer is there, that computer refuses to communicate in response to requests. Does anyone know what this is or how to fix it? Thank you so much if you can help!!

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by shasca In reply to Can't ping myself through ...

Check with Campus tech support. That PC/port may have been quarantined by them, and may need be allowed back after it can be confirmed clean.

We don't know what security measures they may have in place there to address virus/trojan detection on Campus.

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Not sure if port is the problem, but maybe PC.

by drexal In reply to IT

I have a switch on that port, and the other computers connect fine to the campus network. So I tried changing the NIC ports around to see if it's one or the other. The Mac addresses are different and I tried changing the name of the computer. Neither of these helped either separately or together. I've attached the results of tracert on the affected computer and non-affected computer on the same switch:

tracert <non-affected computer>
1 <1ms <1ms <1ms
2 2ms 1ms 2ms
3 <1ms <1ms <1ms <non-affected computer> []

tracert <affected computer>
1 <1ms <1ms <1ms
2 <1ms <1ms <1ms
3 * * * * request timed out
30 * * * * request timed out

Trace complete.

Could this still be just the campus server blocking my computer?

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Is the effected computer

by IC-IT In reply to Not sure if port is the p ...

suppose to have a 155.58.xx.xx address or the 192.168.xx.xx?

If it is the 192.168 then that is a non-routable address. If you are using a routing table from your server then that would be the first suspect.

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Actually Both.

by drexal In reply to Is the effected computer

Since the computer has 2 NICs 1 is set manual configuration without a gateway at and the other is on my home LAN at Before the trojan both were accessible and pingable. Now only the is accessible. That is the primary internet access gateway. Because I have permanent routes set for utilizing the campus LAN the allows me to ping other computers on the network, but others can't ping it since the viral infection. But since they are on separate connection and separate cards I don't think they should affect one another, of course I don't know this for certain. But that was my guess.

Oh and I forgot to mention on the same computer I tried shutting off my home connection and just using the campus LAN as the gateway and have it use the DHCP server, but even after being assigned an IP and everything the same thing still happens. It sees everyone on campus but no one sees it. it can remote to everyone, but no one can remote to it.

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Still willing to help?

by drexal In reply to Can't ping myself through ...

So if anyone is still willing to help me, I spoke to the IT dept., and they said that they don't know anything about this. One of them said that she would help me out with it if I can't figure it out.

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by drexal In reply to Can't ping myself through ...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for trying to help. The problem was solved. Since I have dual NICs the rules were not equally applying to both. So my AV firewall was blocking only certain IP addresses because it didn't recognize the other card. If I switched cards it would only recognize one of them and typically it was my home router connection. So I had to manually set the ICMP for all conditions in the AV software. But thanks so much for everyone's help! It works!! Yay!

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