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    Can’t ping server


    by arujammer ·

    We have a server with 2 NICs, lets call it SRV-2 , both nic’s have static ip’s: and (DMZ Network)

    We also have VLAN’s:
    VLAN 10: 192.168.10.XXX
    VLAN 20: 192.168.20.XXX

    When on Server in VLAN 10, example SRV-1 ( i can ping both ip’s of SRV-2
    But when on Workstation in VLAN 20, example WRKST-1 ( i can only ping ip
    I also tried pinging another server on DMZ, example SRV-3 ( from WRKST-1 and got reply from this.

    All servers are running on Win2003 and workstation on XP Pro.

    Anyone have a clue what’s going on?

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      by arujammer ·

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      by fregeus ·

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      Your server does not know how to reach the vlan 20. I figure your Default Gateway is on your address.

      Either put the Default Gateway on the 192 interface or add a static route 192.168.10.x (x being the address of your gateways between 10 and 20) and it will work.


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        Did not work

        by arujammer ·

        In reply to Routes

        Thnx, but it didn’t work,

        i added this route:

        We have a SonicWall pro 2040, which is the default gateway for each subnet

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          What apps?

          by fregeus ·

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          What applications do you have on that server? Is the firewall enabled?

          It may also be asymetric routing since all three share the same device as a DG. If I understand your network is like this:


          Am I right?

          Did you put a default gateway on both interfaces of your server? If so, that could be the source of your problem. You should only have one DG per device. You cannot have one per interface. If all segments share the same device as a DG, you don’t need routes in your server, but you should make sure that all packets can go from one network to another in the Sonic.


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