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    Can’t ping through Proxy Server 2.0


    by jeffl ·

    I am running a DSL network at home. If I ping, or any other address from my NT Server 4.0 that is connected directly to the Internet, I get a response back. (2 NICs, one for Internet connection, one for internal network and I have a static IP from my ISP)

    But if I ping from either of my workstations, I get a “Destination Host Unreachable” message for all external IP’s.

    I’m new to Proxy Server 2.0, so what did I miss? What do I have to do so that I can ping to outside Internet addresses from my workstations?

    I’m also having the problem that I can’t connect to friends via NetMeeting which I believe is also Proxy related. So if you have any advice on this too, I’d appreciate it! ICQ, MSN Messenger, Real Audio, Windows Media Player and Napster all work fine.


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      Can’t ping through Proxy Server 2.0

      by otto3 ·

      In reply to Can’t ping through Proxy Server 2.0

      Pinging from the internal network through the MS Proxy server is not supported. There’s no work around this “feature”, it is hard coded in the source code.
      The NetMeeting is not a default protocol in Winsock proxy, you’ll need to set it up on the Proxy server. Alternatively, you could allow unlimited access under the Winsock permission. That would allow all protocols to pass through, including the protocols which are not defined, like the NetMeeting.


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      Can’t ping through Proxy Server 2.0

      by corky132 ·

      In reply to Can’t ping through Proxy Server 2.0

      Proxy is designed to “hide” your internal computers from the internet. So pinging thru the proxy isnt possible (it’s a feature, not a bug).

      As far as netmeeting goes, you’ll need to install the winsock proxy client software which is located on the proxy ( \\proxyserver\msproxy ). Then goto the MMC, right click on the winsock proxy service, and goto permissions. Either give yourself unlimited access, or create a protocol called Netmeeting, and give yourself access to it.

      Here’s a good resource for all proxy stuff.

      Hope this helps.

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