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can't ping windows 2003 server

By ahoyte ·

Can somebody explain to me, why my windows 2003 server can ping machines on the network but the machines can't ping or see the server. It was working until I installed active directory and dhcp. does the dns have any thing to with it?. although I have uninstalled the dns, dhcp and active directory I still can't access the server from the other machines.

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can't access?

by FlemmingInc. In reply to can't ping windows 2003 s ...

What do you mean you "can't access the 2003 server"? Is it only the ping that is not working, or have you got no access what so ever?
Sorry to ask this, but since you removed AD are your workstations and your server in the same workgroup?
And have you tried deactivating the 2003 servers firewall?

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what is the servers firewall

by ahoyte In reply to can't access?

I have not change the servers firewall, I don't know where it is located. I cannot ping the server from any machine in the workgroup but the server can ping any machine explain this please

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Need more information

by JimHM In reply to can't ping windows 2003 s ...

Did you turn off any ports? - Did you check the default setting for the active ports? -

Need more info as the other post has requested - thanks

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need help..

by dhonkalo_ In reply to Need more information

hey i m also hvin teh same prob.i hv 3 servers in total.
1-DC ( dhcp,dns,AD..etc)
2-FIle server
3-Firewall ( ISA )

recently my whole network came down n i kinda fixed it within 24 hrs teh prob is "SOME" of my clients "cant" ping cn ping to DC and fileserver. firewall server "can" ping to everyone..since my routers is connected directly to firewall system i cnt let anyone access internet..
pls help..thnx

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