Can't print from Word - File menu. Print icon OK.

By p.bainbridge ·
Some of the PC's on our network will not print from MS Word 97 when using the File -> Print... option. Printing is OK when selecting the 'print' icon. Printing also works OK when selecting a word document from Windows Explorer using the right click - print option.

The file is sent to print, but remains in the queue with status 'spooling' in 'printers and faxes'. The problem occurs when printer is a HP Laserjet 2300 connected locally to the PC with USB, and also when printing to a network printer. PC is a Dell Optiplex 745.

Any Ideas?


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Is your printer on all the time?

If so then shut it down, wait 10 to 15 seconds and then switch back on.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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TIOTIOA doesn't work

by p.bainbridge In reply to Is your printer on all th ...

I tried the 'hard power cycle' (turn it off, turn it on again) option, but to no avail.

Someone else has had the same problem as me. posted on another forum. Trouble is I can't access the solution :-(

I think there may be a Dell / XP / Word 97 incompatability problem?

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Have you done any updates at all?

The only way is to add the printer (again) through the printer section and see if this solves your issue. Make sure you have the updates of the printer in question.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Printer re-install worked

by p.bainbridge In reply to Have you done any updates ...

I deleted, then re-installed the printer. Worked a treat! Thanks. (I don't know how to give a thumbs up - but you get one.)

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Nice to know all is working.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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We have the same printer.... here's the fix...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to TIOTIOA doesn't work

This particular model is a PITA. But, we've found how to get it to work correctly.

First, delete the printer and any "auto..." printers the Lan Manager has installed for you. Add the printer back again, except this time install it as if it were connected to LPT1 (turn off auto-detect). Then, go to that printer's properties > ports tab > add port > local port .... use the share name (ie: \\PC1\ShareName) as the new port and assign the printer to it. (HINT: Using the local port type of port is the key.)

Once that is done, your print problems will disappear. However, that may not fix your missing "print" command on the file menu in Office 97.

<edited for afterthought>

Make sure you use the correct drivers from HP for this printer. Once installed, you might need to go into properties and select the correct model (ie: 2300D, 2300DT) as well as telling it how many drawers are installed. Once you have it working, do not download the updated drivers from MS. Those will cause the printer not to function again.

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Printer Preferences XP/Word 97 Work Around

by mfourmanjr In reply to Can't print from Word - F ...

Printers & Faxes
Right click on Printer
Create Shortcut

Use this shortcut on your desktop to control your Printing Preferences by right clicking on Printing Preferences and setting them. This will be what your Word 97 Printer Icon uses.

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Cancle all pending print jobs

by Ashley mason In reply to Can't print from Word - F ...

Spooling allows users to queue jobs for printing on different Post Script printers.

Remove all the pending print jobs in the printers que until you are left with just the problem ones. Just click on each print job and choose cancel!

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