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Can't Print via CUPS

By k.somma ·
can't connect to CUPS over wireless
Hi, Running SUSE 9.3 (dual boot (Linux/XP) on laptop and main PC). I can connect via Samba to shared files on XP. Can print on the main PC when its booted to XP and I'm running Suse on the laptop. I can see shared files when the PC and Laptop are booted to SUSE Linux ..... NOW on to what I can't seem to configure.

I can't connect and print from the SUSE Laptop (over the wireless network) on the SUSE Main PC. I have tried everything to no avail. Here's the message I get from the terminal window while trying to connect or ping the main machine. Have even dropped the firewall

> netcat -u -l -p 631 & PID=$! sleep 40 ; kill $PID
Can't grab with bind : Permission denied
[1] 11240

Please Help

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by Jaqui In reply to Can't Print via CUPS

hmm, me thought I answered this yesterday.
it's the firwall on the suse box, not laptop.
it's not allowing the connection.
also, is the pc suse running the wireless device?
wireless is often an issue with any linux distro.

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by Jaqui In reply to

btw, It's probably about the time I had to shut down system when I posted my answer, was not saying you asked more than once. :)

or tr lost the post I made yesterday.

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Can't Print via CUPS

Port 631 is a priviliged port i.e. only root
can open it. Can 't see if you're trying this as

Also I think you need to use netcat (nc) without
the -l(LISTEN) to a remote cups it. Also -u
(UDP) ...

Have you setup cups correctly?
replace next <cr> with a press on the enter

telnet "main suse" 631<cr>
GET /<cr>
Should give a html response.

It might be easier to use you browser to use the

http://"suse main":631/

and see the cups screen.

Because of the two way protocol netcat is not
realy the right tool for diagnosis this time.

Kind regards,
Nico baggus

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