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Can't pull IP...

By chris023 ·
I have a new dell inspiron5100 w/ WinXP in the shop...The lan shows connected at 10mbps, but it will not pull an external IP (currently 169.x.x.x something)...Therefore, I have no access to any of my network (Win2K Server) or cable modem...Runs through a switch...No firewall currently enabled...Have tried on another similar network, with no luck...Any ideas???


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by lumberjack In reply to Can't pull IP...

By external do you mean - outside shop or just another system on your own lan?

Are the ports on the switch you have connected to actually activated - connect laptop to a known working connection

Does the IP configuration hold the same default gateway/ IP mask details?

Ensure IP address is not duplicated

can you ping the PC from another system?

can you ping the ip address of the laptop from the laptop - if you cant then its a NIC fault.

a few things for starters!

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by JIM-H In reply to Can't pull IP...

Lumberjack has some good points in the above.

I would, however, like to add that when Windows has a 169.x.x.x IP address that it is often indicative of the computer unable to reach a DHCP Server.

Since you have a Switch makes sure that your Cable Modem Ethernet link looks to be synchronizes with your Switch correctly. You might want to make sure that you do not need a straight through vs. a crossover cable or vice versa. If you can connect the Ethernet Port from your cable modem to your PC successfully then the opposite ?type? of cable is needed to connect to a switch. Rule of thumb is ?Same interface types use cross-over cable to connect each other and different uses straight? there are two types, MDI and MDI-X. So, if a PC and other Ethernet device both use straight through cables to a switch then they need a cross-over to each other. Just like if you wanted to connect two switches together you would need a cross-over as well because they are the same; unless of course you have special uplink port or switch to change the interface type.

With a cable modem setup you might also consider simply contacting your ISP as they might be filtering DHCP requests based on MAC Address.

Good Luck!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can't pull IP...

you have a link lite, yes? is the ip on the 'bad' box set to DHCP? is that how other computers that work on the network are configured? if yes, try 'locking' the nic to 100mb half duplex...sounds like it is having trouble talking to the dhcp server. if you can ping the server, you know you don't have cable, nic or tcpip issues...let us know if you can ping the server...

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Can't pull IP...

Just to add to this.
169.254.x.x is the APIPA -- Automatic Private IP Addressing -- range that Microsoft bought and put in Win2K/XP.

When an XP box cannot get an IP address from a DHCP server or does not have a static IP address assigned to it, it will then automatically assign itsef a 169.254.x.x address.
So, your XP box is not getting an IP from wherever it should be getting one.
And since it is going with the APIPA address, there is no default gateway or IP routing.
Therefore, that is why XP cannot access your other devices.
So, either assign a static IP to the XP box, or check on what should be assigning an IP to it and see why it is not getting one.

hope this helps

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by RCOM In reply to Can't pull IP...


Start with the physical connection. Is the lights on the switch and nic (if applicable) on.

Try connecting with a known good cable and port that works for one of the other systems.

Can you ping the loop address of

Try getting the new PC to work with just the cable modem's default way of getting connected. Once you can get that up then go after any other connections.

This may be obvious but, if the original PCs have static IP addresses you need to match what they have including subnet mask, Gateway & DNS.

Cable Modem-
Subnet mask for all-
Gateway- Ip address of the cable modem

What are the settings on the other PCs? Do you have the IP address of the cable modem or is it getting its address from your ISP. If so you may need to get a router. I would select one with a built in switch. Since you're connected to a 10 mbps switch it may be a good time to get something that can go faster like 10/100 mbps.

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by bodybybody In reply to Can't pull IP...

Have you tried to bypass the switch and server and connect it directly to your cable see if it is a network problem or a client problem?

You may need to set it up as a static ip on the client.

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