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Can't re-install 7600 USB scanner

By kk909 ·
A few weeks back, I had a virus, got rid of it, but had to reinstall windows, but this time I used 98-SE, ever since then I can't get my scanner to work, Keeps saying there is interference, and list some things all wending with DLL's. What can I do. The yellow light is lit but not the green one, It did light up once, but then went back out again.

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Can't re-install 7600 USB scanner

by TheChas In reply to Can't re-install 7600 USB ...

Looking at this post, I have some additional questions / comments.

Did you format your hard drive before installing Windows 98 SE?

If not, you may have a mix of Windows 98 and 98SE system files.

Start by running System File Checker (SFC) from the run box on the start menu.

Install the correct drivers in the following order:
Mother board / Chip-set
DirectX (from Microsoft) (make sure that you install the version supported by your video card driver!)
Video card driver
Other internal hardware

If you still have problems with the scanner, I recommend that you back up your data files, mail files and settings.

Boot from a W98 startup floppy.
format c: /u/s
Re-install W98SE

You may also need to install a few Windows updates.


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Can't re-install 7600 USB scanner

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't re-install 7600 USB ...

As I don't know this scanner at all I'm not too sure about this but a lot of USB scanners need to have their drivers installed before you actually plug in the scanner or they won't work. If this is what you've done you will have toremove all the drivers and reinstall but with the scanner unpluged and then on the reboot turn off the computer and plug in the scanner then start up again.
I'm betting this will cure your problem.

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Can't re-install 7600 USB scanner

by kk909 In reply to Can't re-install 7600 USB ...

I appreciate all of y'all's help, but what I did, was I went to Visioneer to see what I could find. I clicked on their Drivers Tab, and there it was, I clicked on it, it downloaded it and installed the whole thing. So now it is working perfect. Ican't believe that it was that easy.

Again, I appreciate your concern and your responses.

Kathy Stevenson

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Can't re-install 7600 USB scanner

by Devinefv In reply to Can't re-install 7600 USB ...

Got to Control panel then the "Add-remove programs", and carefully study what's in there! Are the Drivers Duplicated, are there old drivers not being used? Clean it out [including the drivers for the scanner], reboot system without the usb scanner connected, then make sure nothing is running, and try another install. The truth is if you try what I listed above and it still fails, then that Virus may have done more damage than we think. An O.S. reload may be needed


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